New Tool Auto-Posts Email “Nuggets” to Social Sites


We've launched a great new feature to streamline content creation between email and social media! Read the full press release for details:

9 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Marketing Results by Integrating Email and Social Media


In my two previous posts I explained why integrating your email and social media marketing is crucial, but how exactly do you do it? In a recent webinar, Integrated Email and Social Marketing: Tips and Trends, I discussed nine practical tactics that you can quickly and easily adopt that have generated great results for Real Magnet and our customers. It’s very important to note that the success of these tactics depend on your audience’s perception of how valuable your content is to them. When implementing these methods it’s critical that you clearly communicate the specific benefits your audience will gain from your content. […]

Why Connecting Social Media and Email Marketing is Key


Why Connecting Social Media and Email Marketing is Key to Unlocking Crucial Information on Individuals and Behaviors Your ability to collect, analyze, and utilize information on individuals in your audiences and their behaviors across email and all social media channels is critical to best communicating with them and achieving your marketing goals. As I discussed in a recent webinar, Integrated Email and Social Marketing: Tips and Trends, connecting your email and social media marketing is the key to unlocking this ability. […]

8 Critical Reasons to Integrate Email and Social Media Marketing


“Why do we need to connect our email and social media marketing?” It’s a question I often answer while talking with customers, prospects, and partners, and a key topic I discussed in a recent webinar, Integrated Email and Social Marketing: Tips and Trends. Understanding the benefits of connecting email and social media marketing, and the negative consequences not doing so could have on your organization, is your first step to achieving your marketing goals. 10 Minute Video Overview […]

Google Glass Review: Email and Social Media #throughglass


How’d We Get So Lucky? There are about 10,000 glass explorers alpha testing Google’s vision for the future. In the last week, they were each given the opportunity to invite 3 others in the program.  So we did what many others did … We stalked the hashtag #googleglass on Twitter and pleaded with anyone who was willing to part with an invite … #noshame. (Thanks again @JasonOGrady!). This is revision 2 of glass and we got the understated charcoal one! […]

Steps to Better Email & Social Integration


Are you taking the right tactical and strategic measures to integrate your email and social marketing? Find out if you are by joining us today, Wed., Oct. 30th at 1 PM EST for a live event, INTEGRATED EMAIL AND SOCIAL MARKETING: TIPS AND TRENDS, presented by Mitch Eisen, CIO and Co-Founder of Real Magnet. This 45-minute webinar will cover […]

Real Magnet-Avectra Webinar Today at 2PM


Today our CIO, Mitch Eisen, is the featured speaker on a webinar hosted by our AMS partner, Avectra. Mitch will be presenting on the convergence of email and social messaging and the tactics marketers are using to integrate the two. Specifically he’ll address: […]

Socializing Newsletters

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Newsletters may not be as fashionable as mobile or social, but they remain a communications staple for many organizations in print, digital and email. While you can tweak the subject lines and headlines and provide the most relevant content, use responsive design for mobile, and post the newsletter on your blog, inevitably you’re missing a piece of your audience that follows you socially and prefers to get nuggets of insights rather than lengthy discussions. So what to do?  Tweet and post snippets of the most engaging content from the newsletter with a link back to the full newsletter. Create short videos to tweet and post introducing […]

Use Social to Improve Email Inbox Placement

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Inbox placement is different from deliverability. Your delivery rate is the percentage of emails that make it through the ISP’s or email administrator’s gateway and are passed on to the subscriber, member or customer. But many of these messages never make it to the inbox because of local spam filters, rules which siphon off messages to different areas, and inbox management applications. Knowing that your messages are not hitting the inbox and therefore not read right away is an advantage you can use. So what to do? To encourage your contacts to keep your messages in the A-List and mark them for inbox placement, […]

Measuring Email and Social Success with Google Analytics


Real Magnet’s integration with Google Analytics provides a powerful solution for analyzing email’s role in generating traffic to your website. And if you’re using Social Magnet, Real Magnet’s integrations with Facebook and Twitter, Google Analytics will give you unparalleled insights into the effectiveness of each channel (email, Twitter, Facebook) in accomplishing your marketing goals. Read [...]