Pre-Promote Emails in Social Channels to Drive Subscriptions

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I've written before about posting your newsletters on Facebook and other social channels to expand their readership. But what if your email messages are so compelling that their contents could lure new readers? Social media can help with that too. All you need to do is know the content of the message a couple of [...]

Email Tip of the Week: How to Turn a Picture Into a Thousand Calls to Action


Whether we like it or not, social media is having a profound impact on how our email subscribers consume content - not just in social channels, but in the inbox as well. I've written previously about how copy length is subject to expectations born in social media. A predilection for photos - instead of paragraphs [...]

Does Social Content Make Good Email Copy?

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Originally published in MediaPost's Email Insider, 8-21-12. I’ve written before about how email and social media are similar, in that they are both permission-based channels (or earned media) that require a similar approach to content strategy. Engagement and empathy work better than interruption and incessancy. But are email and social media similar enough to share [...]

Taking Advantage of Perfect Attention and Anticipation in Your Confirmation Emails

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The confirmation email is one of the most overlooked pieces of marketing real estate. Almost all brands can make them work a little harder than they already do, with some modifications that communicate your most strategic messages when your audience is at their most attentive. We all use them - to confirm someone's email subscription [...]

VIDEO: Using Social Media to Improve Your Existing Email Program

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TMA Resources invited Real Magnet to speak on Email Best Practices for its new video series. Here are some tips on using social media to improve your existing email program:

Emailioration Monday, 6-11-12: Promote Social Alternatives on Unsubscribe Page

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Unsubscribes are inevitable, but they don't always mean your subscribers just aren't that into you. An increasing number of departures from email lists are not eschewing your brand as much as trying to manage the load on their inbox. I see a lot of brands try to talk customers out of unsubscribing, but a better [...]

Using Google Goals for Conversion Tracking

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Very soon we will be launching Conversion Tracking with Google Goals, which allows you to integrate the Goals you set within Google Analytics into your Real Magnet application. This allows you to see which messages - across email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - are responsible for any of the conversions you track, and even roll [...]

Signal-to-Noise Ratio, And The Rise Of Channel-Specific Content

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For my article in MediaPost this week I picked up on a theme I spoke about at last week's SIPA conference - Signal-to-Noise ratio. We know that all our communications channels rely on strong content, so it's no wonder that when we create one we like to push it out through all of them. This [...]

Slides from “How Email Marketers Can Become Experts at Social”


Yesterday I presented on "How Email Marketers Can Become Experts at Social" at the SIPA 2012 conference in DC. I touched on the topic here on the blog last week, and expanded on it quite a bit in the presentation. The slides from the presentation are available for download for anybody who would like them: [...]

Why Email Marketers Are Uniquely Qualified for Social Media


Someone has to take the reins of your company's social media strategy. It might as well be you. In fact, if you're already managing the company's email program, it really ought to be you. Email marketers are uniquely qualified to succeed in social media because of the similarities between the two channels. The tactical execution [...]