Conversion Reporting: Channel Attribution’s Last Mile

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Social Magnet's principal value proposition is its ability to show marketers how much each channel - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or email - contributes to a campaigns results. It does this through a proprietary URL shortener that measures clicks and other engagement metrics at the message level. You send out a message through all of your [...]

How Facebook’s New Timeline Brand Pages Affect Email Marketing

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My article in MediaPost this week takes a look at the new Facebook Timeline brand pages, and what impact they'll have on email marketing. At the end of February, Facebook rolled out Timeline for brands, allowing any brand page to switch to the new format right away. Some did, but many are still waiting. Not [...]

3 New Ways to Look at Channel Attribution with Social Magnet – Part 2: Monthly Productivity

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Channel attribution - or determining which marketing channel is responsible for results - is rapidly becoming an indispensable tool for marketers. Gone are the days where we could spend whatever we wanted on our channels of choice; today's marketer has to select channels carefully, and justify their inclusion in the budget with demonstrable ROI and [...]

3 New Ways to Look at Channel Attribution with Social Magnet – Part 1: Monthly Reach

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The most powerful feature in the tracking and reporting features of Social Magnet is the ability to measure channel attribution in all new ways. At the very top level, you can send a message out through email, Twitter and Facebook simultaneously, and then see which channel drives the most clicks. Over time, you'll learn which [...]

Using Email + Social to Find Demand for More Email


We've been using the Social Magnet intensively for about a month now, pushing a lot of our social content through it, crafting some A/B tests to measure social's impact on email, and otherwise immersing ourselves in the application daily.  There is tons more to learn, but now we've got the opportunity to look at all [...]

Email + Social Integration: It’s About Testing, not Technology

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For my article in MediaPost this month, I wrote about the new Email + Social tools hitting the market, with 0ur own Social Magnet being one of them. The article is not about the tools themselves, but what we as email marketers can now do because of them. We can get smart. Not just data-point-in-the-marketing-meeting [...]

Learning What to Learn from Email + Social

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I had a boss once who introduced me to the phrase, "in position to be in position." He would use it to mean we had made enough headway on an initiative to almost be ready to see some results. It would be nice if all initiatives in business worked like a light switch, and you [...]

Getting Our Smart On in LinkedIn “Email + Social” Group


I've been in the email business since 1997. I think it's near impossible to do anything for 15 years and not get bored. I've managed to stay engaged with email for that long because every 2-3 years, something big changes within the industry, causing all us email marketers to find new ways to keep our [...]

New Study: Does Social Media Integration Come Down to Good Old ROI?


A new study by InSites Consulting on social media integration within organizations is making its rounds through the trades today. A 42-slide presentation by the researcher is up on SlideShare here, and there is a pretty comprehensive assessment over on MarketingProfs. InSite also published a short 1-page summary here. The study ends up being pretty [...]

Email+Social’s “Chuck Fruit Moment”

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In my MediaPost column this week, I wrote on "Email+Social's 'Chuck Fruit Moment'". We're neck deep in integrating email and social media and over the next few months here you'll see lots more about what we're doing, what we're learning and how to best use the features of Social Magnet. Our aim is to become [...]