Social Magnet: Unified Email + Social Marketing


Social media – like email – is inexpensive, scalable, immediate and promises a tremendous ROI. It is no wonder that email marketers are looking for ways to integrate social with email to extend reach, deepen engagement and boost results. Social Magnet is the solution. For the first time, marketers can use cross-channel analytics to quantify [...]

Increasing the Net Worth of Your Email and Social Networks


There is an article on the blog last week about a company in Europe that is in the process of banning all internal email among its 75,000 employees. According to the company's CEO, "email is no longer the appropriate communication tool." The company plans to implement a "zero email" policy over the next 18 [...]

Qwik-Post Your Email Message To Twitter & Facebook


Benefits of a Twitter and Facebook Integration Connecting Twitter and Facebook guarantees your message will reach your followers as well as your recipients. By adding Twitter and Facebook to your Real Magnet account you will have the option of posting your email messages directly to Twitter and Facebook (concurrently with your email blast!).  This provides maximum impact [...]