Marketers Must Focus on Customer Experience

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Business analysts continue to cite customer experience as the next competitive battleground of the modern enterprise, changing the way companies approach all consumer-facing operations. From sales to customer service, a focus on experience is all-encompassing, and this means that marketing is also included in the mix. Still, marketers are striving to figure out what makes for an exceptional experience, especially when targeting prospective customers and building loyalty.

Measuring Member Engagement is WORTHLESS…

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438,000 articles have been written about member engagement, but there is little conversation about what to do with all that information.

7 Things You Can Do to Boost Your Email Results This Week


Improving your email program is typically a big-picture, highly strategic goal that takes careful planning, statistical analysis, and patience. But what can you do in the interim to improve your email results as you wait for your long-term strategies to mature and materialize? Here are 7 simple techniques to help get your email program over the hump, or out of a rut: […]

Email Metrics Along the Customer Life-cycle

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This post is being republished from the Real Insights Archive. What is the purpose of email marketing? To create awareness? Build interest? Generate purchase intent and drive transactions? Engender loyalty? Yes. No matter what stage in the customer lifecycle you are focused on, email marketing can help. What's more, there are email metrics you can [...]

If Nobody Clicks, Does Nobody Care?


This post is being republished from the Real Insights Archive. Much of email marketing is organized around the click rate. We know that if our subscribers click on our emails, then the emails are doing their job of driving activity, registrations, readership and engagement. But what if nobody clicks on our emails? Does that mean [...]

Which emails should include a “Call-to-Inaction”?

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This post is being republished from the Real Insights Archive. Golfer Sam Snead famously quipped, “every shot that doesn’t go into the hole is a miss.” It would be easy to think about email marketing the same way, and try to drive action with every single message we send. But as with golf, it just [...]

6 Things Your Subscribers Expect You To Do Differently

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When we talk about "the evolution of email" part of what we're referring to is the technology and how we as marketers use it. Industry-side evolutions in the past year or two include the linking of email and social, marketing automation, triggered messages and data integration. But I believe most of email's evolution is centered [...]

Using Subscriber Metrics to Target by Engagement

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We know who our email subscribers are based on what they tell us: name, company, title, location and other information collected at signup or through ongoing interaction with them. But we know what email messages they will respond to based on their actions. Of the two, the more valuable information for targeting is the latter; [...]

5 Emails Where Metrics Mislead

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Email metrics are critical to our understanding of how well our messages perform. Except when they're not. Sometimes metrics do not tell you the whole story, and they even tell a misleading story on occasion. One of the most common misrepresentations we see in email metrics is where a relatively small number of clicks is [...]

A New Way to Look at Engagement Metrics: By Subscriber Instead of Campaign

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When most marketers hear the term "engagement metrics" they think of open rate, click rate and conversions - the analytics we use to track a how well a message performed. Analyzing our messages in this way is useful because it allows us to compare this week's to last week's, isolate why changes in responses occur, [...]