Re-engage with a Survey (WHITE CARD)

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Turn Your Engaged Subscribers Into Advocates with a Momentum Campaign (WHITE CARD)

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7 Ways to Segment Your Email List

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A recent survey of digital marketers by Econsultancy shed some light on how important targeting and segmenting is this year. When asked which digital marketing opportunities were "most exciting" in 2013, 35% of marketers cited "Targeting and Personalization," the exact same number who identified "Social Media Engagement" as exciting. Only "Mobile Optimization" received scored higher, [...]

Are Email Marketers Outrunning The Bear?

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Originally published in MediaPost's Email Insider, 1-9-14. -- There is a joke I  frequently tell clients and use in presentations as an analogy for email marketing. Like everyone else I’ve told it to, you’ve probably heard it before. Please indulge me anyway: A woman met her friend at the trailhead for an all-day hike in [...]

How to Win the Battle for Inbox Attention

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With email volume on the rise, social and mobile siphoning off subscribers' time, and an increase in popularity of inbox management applications that make it easier for people to deal with email by kicking much of it to the curb before it even arrives, it is pretty clear that the battle for inbox attention is [...]

Why (or Why Not) to Integrate your AMS & Email Services (Part 1)


Your AMS system is your association’s lifeblood – housing your most critical membership data. An Email Service Provider brings your marketing to the next level – elevating the effectiveness of your email, mobile and social messaging through improved deliverability, functionality and analytics. Integrating your AMS and ESP squeezes more productivity out of each, with deeper [...]

How to Boost Your Email Engagement Metrics

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Normally I advise against aiming to boost a particular email metric, as trying to tilt a particular number can lead to some unstrategic decisions. For example, if a marketer wants a higher open rate he might resort to subject line gimmicks which can cause a temporary spike in the number of people who read a [...]

3 Ways to Target Emails by Subscriber Engagement

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Distill all of the hundreds of email tips you'll find on this blog, as well as the thousands more published on the rest of the internet, and they all say about the same thing: send your subscribers emails that they will find interesting and useful. Unless you have an extremely narrow niche of subscribers, it [...]

Taking Advantage of Perfect Attention and Anticipation in Your Confirmation Emails

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The confirmation email is one of the most overlooked pieces of marketing real estate. Almost all brands can make them work a little harder than they already do, with some modifications that communicate your most strategic messages when your audience is at their most attentive. We all use them - to confirm someone's email subscription [...]

Emailioration Monday, 7-30-12: Use Email to Build Anticipation for Email

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The more your subscribers anticipate your email, the higher your open, click and conversion rates. You can build anticipation in many ways, including promoting upcoming newsletters through your social channels or on your website. But the inbox itself is also an excellent channel to promote upcoming emails, as demonstrated by The Clymb, a daily deals [...]