How to Pre-Qualify Prospects in Your Email List Building

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Adding new people to your email list is a never-ending process - or should be, anyway. As we think about where and how to find names to replace the people who change jobs, abandon email addresses or simply unsubscribe, it is important to remember what our objectives are in the first place. Increasing the number [...]

Emailioriation Monday, 7-16-12: Find Your Fold

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You have seen email advice articles I'm sure that advise marketers to make sure that the most important content within a message is "above the fold." If the call to action or key content element is visible as soon as someone opens the email, the assumption is that the message has its best chance of [...]

Emailioration Monday, 7-2-12: Invite Replies

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If you have 37 million subscribers and you're using email to broadcast the 2-hour sale that starts right now, you probably don't want to make it easy for your subscribers to bombard you with product and pricing questions. But chances are your list is smaller and you are using your emails to drive engagement as [...]

37 Things You Know About Your Email Subscribers

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The article I wrote for MediaPost this week is all about ways to better target our email subscribers. Have a look at the list below and see if anything inspires you to create a message that will engage your audience in a new way. 37 Things You Know About Your Email Subscribers by Mike May [...]

VIDEO: Using Social Media to Improve Your Existing Email Program

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TMA Resources invited Real Magnet to speak on Email Best Practices for its new video series. Here are some tips on using social media to improve your existing email program:

5 Ways to Grow Your Email List Using Social and Mobile

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I've long been a proponent of what I call Email in the Marketing Mix (in this blog from 2009 I admit to being obsessed by the concept). Email is an extremely powerful channel, but is impact is amplified when it is integrated with other channels. This integration can take a number of different shapes, such [...]

Signal-to-Noise Ratio, And The Rise Of Channel-Specific Content

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For my article in MediaPost this week I picked up on a theme I spoke about at last week's SIPA conference - Signal-to-Noise ratio. We know that all our communications channels rely on strong content, so it's no wonder that when we create one we like to push it out through all of them. This [...]

4 Ways to Build Email Anticipation


In a successful email program, your audience opens, reads and responds to your messages. But you really win when your subscribers look forward to your messages before they even arrive. Anticipation boosts all of your engagement metrics because it is an indication that your audience is genuinely connected to your brand, or at least what [...]

Emailioration Monday, 2-13-12: Hyperlink like you Highlight

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Some of your subscribers read every word you write. Most, however, just scan, their eyes alighting on whatever design elements attract their attention. In emails, people who scan jump from hyperlink to hyperlink. Knowing this, be strategic about what you hyperlink. Instead of a sentence that looks like this: Register by Friday to save $100 [...]

Monitor Your Email Marketing Replies

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One of my biggest pet peeves is receiving an email from a major brand and seeing that they use a noreply@ email address. Seriously?! It is 2012 and some email marketers still use a noreply@ email address. The goal is to get your subscribers engaged about your brand and to have a conversation. Your subscribers [...]