Emailioration Monday, 2-6-12: Write the Subject Line First, then Tailor Message Around It

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The subject line is the single most important piece of copy in any email message you compose. It's so important, in fact, that it's worthwhile to institute a tail wags dog approach to it. Usually we start with the message we want to send, and then craft a subject line that telegraphs that content. But [...]

4 Ways to Improve Newsletter Open Rates

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Newsletters may not be fashionable as mobile or social, but they remain a communications staple, particularly as we all ramp up to speed on new channels and the tighter targeting opportunities they afford. In fact, I think newsletters are poised for a bit of a renaissance this year, so I continue to think about ways [...]

A Tale of Two Subject Lines

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Dickens may very well have looked at the results of his A/B testing and declared, "It was the best of subject lines; it was the worst of subject lines." Trying out different subject lines is a quick and powerful way to boost campaign performance by a few percentage points. But there is another consideration for [...]

Taking Action on Inactive Subscribers

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I don't normally talk about industry averages because they rarely apply to any individual company within an industry, but for illustrative purposes here I'll make an exception. The number most commonly offered up as an industry average open rate is 20%, and industry average click-through rates are typically reported between 2% and 4%. Your results [...]