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Digital Marketing Year In Review: 2015

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Digital marketing made some serious strides in 2015, and it's the perfect time to reflect on the most significant developments of the year. With a thorough understanding of how the past 12 months have progressed, they'll be able to begin 2016 with a strong foundation for marketing success. Here's a look at the digital trends that made 2015 such a big year for marketers.

Why Every Marketer Should Master Multi-channel Campaigns

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With each passing year, marketers gain access to a wealth of new tools to use in their campaigns, reaching out to audiences with greater accuracy, speed and automation. A growing diversity of communication channels is one of the hallmarks of this changing landscape, and it's not uncommon for a marketing department to be operating five or six different avenues simultaneously to ensure maximal outreach and exposure of its message.

What Does the Future Hold for Digital Marketing? 4 Top Trends

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Ever since companies began to first get behind the digital revolution, strategists in the marketing department have eagerly explored the possibilities of cyberspace in an effort to expand, refine and optimize their campaigns in this new arena. From email marketing initiatives to search engine optimization and a wealth of other groundbreaking advancements, companies are putting more resources toward these projects than ever before. In fact, according to AdAge, a study from Mondo revealed that 80 percent of companies will increase their digital marketing budgets in the next year.

Fixing the iPhone Image Orientation Issue

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Real Magnet users who are uploading images taken via iPhone (iOS 4 or greater) may experience issues with the orientation of images that are uploaded into messages and sent out to recipients. […]

Four Things to Consider for Associations Going Global

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Jenna Crane, Content Marketing Manager at Personify, shares four things to consider when taking an association global.  More and more associations are extending the reach of their organization and memberships across the globe. This can present many obstacles to current business practices, operations and even technology choices. Here are four questions to consider as you prepare to take your association global. […]

Gmail’s New Email View And What It Means For Content

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What? They’re Messing With Gmail Again?! Short answer – kind of. Gmail’s widely loathed tab view is getting a new way to view messages in the promotions tab. You can see in the image below that each email message is showing a logo, banner image and the subject line displayed 3 in a row.  It’s like Pinterest – but with emails! […]

Gmail Rolls Out Images Enabled by Default

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Images Switched On For Web and Mobile Users Google is making a major shift in how Gmail will be displaying content to users of their mobile apps and web client. Previously, unknown senders would not have the images in their email displayed unless the recipient expressly allowed it (screen shot below). Image Display Prompt […]

Email Dominates SmartPhone Usage

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The Email Week That Was, 1-25-13

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Here is a quick summary of some of the more important and/or interesting news stories on email marketing to cross the transom this week: National Clean Your Inbox Day? (via Fox TV) Yesterday was, according to TheSwizzle, "National Clean Your Inbox Day." TheSwizzle is an inbox management application to their declaration of "National Clean Your [...]

The Email Week That Was, 1-18-13

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Here is a quick summary of some of the more important and/or interesting news stories on email marketing to cross the transom this week: We totally know what big data is. Just ask us. (via Marketing Charts) By now we have all heard of big data (which, curiously, many people have stopped capitalizing), and so [...]