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Infographic: Making Lead Nurturing Work for You

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It's a rare thing to find a potential client who is ready to buy immediately. In most cases, you'll have to lead your prospects down the path to purchase. Use these 3 tips to make sure you are growing and nurturing your sales leads.

Infographic: Why Integrated Marketing Matters

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Communications between companies and customers cover a huge variety of platforms and channels today. Unless marketers create a top-down, cohesive and integrated marketing strategy, a business's message may get lost in the space between mediums. Here are three reasons why integrated marketing matters today:

Infographic: Designing a Winning Strategy

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Marketing efforts that aren't connected and aligned are less likely to succeed than those that are tied together in an overarching strategy. There's no need to compromise your digital marketing by neglecting to create a through-line for your many separate components. Here's how to make your strategy a winner.

Infographic: Make Legendary Landing Pages

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Landing pages are a staple of any digital marketing strategy, but not all of them deliver leads and conversions. Let’s go over three essential tips to keep in mind when creating your next landing page. The results will speak for themselves.

Infographic: The Marketer’s ToolBox

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Marketing today is complicated and multifaceted. That said, for every need, there is a digital tool that will get the job done. Making sure all of these are present and accounted for is a marketer's first task when launching a campaign. Here are three common goals for these teams and the methods they can use to get the job done.

Infographic: Brand Narrative – Spinning a Memorable Tale

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Today, interactions between brands and their audiences don't take place in a vacuum. Each instance of contact is another chapter in an ongoing story, one that makes potential buyers feel they really know a company and what it stands for. Here are some best practices that will make that story unfold smoothly.

Infographic: Filling Facts About Bite-Sized Content

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Recipients today are hungry for information but wary of gorging on it. A lot of the time, they just want a snack, a little bit of interest and excitement to hold them over. This is especially true when individuals are on the go - bite-sized information easily displays on mobile devices.

Infographic: Staggering Social Statistics

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For every successful platform in the social media world, there are many that don't take hold. Separating the wheat from the chaff is important, but leaders can play too safe by sticking to only longtime stalwarts Facebook and Twitter. Other channels can help, and they have the numbers to back it up.

Infographic: Building Blocks Of Great Website User Tracking

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Marketers who have set up good websites for their respective orgs may believe their work in that arena is done - but if they aren't tracking how visitors interact with those pages, they are missing a huge opportunity. A few simple building blocks can make a great strategy.

Infographic: Webinars – The Hidden Gem of Digital Marketing

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Marketers are always searching for the complete package - a web asset that boosts engagement, generates new leads and keeps costs low. As it turns out, webinars accomplish all of these things, making them an ideal marketing investment. Let’s look at three webinar rules you need to keep in mind to take full advantage of this format.