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Infographic: Why and How Marketers Should Be Optimizing Email Preheaders

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Modern marketers need every advantage they can get, especially in the email arena. Optimizing text below the message subject line - known as preheaders - can give them the edge if done correctly. Here are some ways in which these small blocks of text can make a big impact. 

Infographic: Why More Marketers Leverage Dynamic Content

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Competition is stiff for today's brands, and marketers are tasked with engaging audiences in compelling new ways. Dynamic content is one method yielding serious results, offering consumers personalized and targeted messages that make a real impact. Marketers should consider the following facts and figures as they approach this important new strategy.

Infographic: Social Media Marketing – Tips for More Leads

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Modern marketers need to be experts of social media in order to maximize their lead generation efforts, regardless of their industries and target markets.

Infographic: Email Marketing vs Marketing Automation

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Email has ruled the world of digital marketing for nearly two decades, and its influence is still real. However, sending email blasts isn't as effective as it once was, leading marketers to explore new tactics and technologies.

Infographic: The 6 Marketing Essentials of 2016

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Now that 2016 has arrived, marketers everywhere are revamping their strategies for success in the new year. No two strategies are exactly alike, of course, but by leveraging these six marketing essentials, brand leaders can easily maximize the impact of their efforts in 2016. 

Infographic: What are the stages of the customer life cycle?

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In a digital age that features such a vast range of consumer technologies, no two customer journeys are exactly alike. However, the customer life cycle tends to follow a similar pattern, and marketers make it their mission to understand more about this sequence of events to drive leads and sales.

Are you equipped with the right digital marketing tools?

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Today's business dynamics are more digital than ever before, especially in the marketing arena. Gaining a competitive edge for audience attention is an ongoing challenge, demanding a range of new resources, technologies and tactics. Here are a few of the key components that must be a part of any modern marketing effort, and some tips on how to maximize their impact.

Infographic: The Anatomy of Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing is booming because of its vast potential. When done correctly, social media marketing can raise awareness of your brand, increase loyalty, inform potential customers, and establish an online presence that is more necessary than ever before. Here’s the breakdown of what effective social media marketing looks like.

Infographic: The Digital Marketing Landscape

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Measuring marketing campaign success has always been difficult - where did efforts go right or wrong? Which individuals saw advertisements and which ones actively participated in them? What were their overall thoughts? Luckily, the digital marketing realm offers more tangible numbers.

Infographic: Shift Into The Marketing Fast Lane

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By now, you’ve fine-tuned the details of email marketing campaigns, from timing to templates. You may have been comfortable cruising along with your usual email campaigns, but it’s time to shift gears because a new fast lane has just opened up - mobile email.