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How to Buy New Subscribers Without Buying Email Lists

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Email marketing's ROI is twice as much as direct mail and three times as much as social media. So why are we not investing in growing our email lists in the same way we do with these other channels? I am not referring to buying lists like we do for direct mail. They certainly are [...]

6 Urgent Reasons to Grow Your Email List

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List building is part of every email program, churning along in the background while we go about the business of creating, targeting and sending messages. Recently however some changes to the email landscape have placed a premium on list building. It is time to step up the urgency and look for more resourceful and aggressive [...]

Pre-Promote Emails in Social Channels to Drive Subscriptions

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I've written before about posting your newsletters on Facebook and other social channels to expand their readership. But what if your email messages are so compelling that their contents could lure new readers? Social media can help with that too. All you need to do is know the content of the message a couple of [...]

Why (and How) to Make it Harder to Subscribe to Your Email List

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Making it harder for someone to subscribe to your email list may sound counterintuitive if you're feeling generous, and downright foolish if you're not. For the last decade, you have heard all manner of advice and tactics for making it as easy as possible to add all the names you can find to your house [...]

How to Pre-Qualify Prospects in Your Email List Building

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Adding new people to your email list is a never-ending process - or should be, anyway. As we think about where and how to find names to replace the people who change jobs, abandon email addresses or simply unsubscribe, it is important to remember what our objectives are in the first place. Increasing the number [...]