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Infographic: Marketing Automation’s Prominent Role

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Marketing automation is a key part of the modern business technology mix, and this is no fluke. These tools have won marketers over with the changes they make to workflows. For companies that have yet to adapt to marketing automation, now's the time for a refresher in just what makes the tools so helpful:

Marketing Automation: Listen First, Act Later

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The power of Marketing Automation resides in the intelligence that it collects and processes on your email recipients. Through listening campaigns you can glean valuable information that will help you deliver more personalized and timely content to your audience.

The Top 5 Marketing Automation Campaigns for Associations (PDF Download)

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Recruiting new members is important, but existing members are your association’s lifeblood. And in this age of overflowing inboxes, it’s even more challenging to stay in front of them. The only way to break through-the-clutter is to make your email (and social) messages more targeted, relevant, and focused on individual interests. Further, it’s not just email: marketers have to be aware of how members interact with their content and programs at every possible touch point. So how can you better understand members and deliver more relevant content, all with resources that are already stretched thin? Enter marketing automation.

The 5 Elements of Marketing Automation

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Marketing automation is a phenomenon that is only gaining momentum as the digital age moves forward. According to The Drum, a survey from Ascend2 found that 55 percent of B2B companies are incorporating the technology into their arsenals, and high-performing companies are far more likely to have adopted automation than their struggling competition. To put it simply, automation is a must in the modern era. But what really makes a great automation platform? With so many options out there, it's important to have a serious set of criteria when selecting a solution.

6 Reasons Why You Need Marketing Automation

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Marketing automation software is brimming with value, and countless companies will report benefits ranging from increased engagement to overall revenue boosts. But there are even more reasons why a brand should consider leveraging these solutions.

Infographic: Content Is King!

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Content marketing has quickly become one of premier tactics in the marketing world. Organizations have been creating original content for decades, but only recently has the technique been adapted for the digital environment and optimized for the modern marketing mix. Now, brands can leverage content across a number of different channels and analyze how each digital asset delivers returns in the form of leads and conversions.

Inbound Marketing and Automation: The Perfect Match

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Marketing automation software isn’t just a great platform for outbound campaigns - inbound efforts can also see huge boosts from these solutions. Let’s look closer at why inbound marketing and automation software make such a great match.

Infographic: Why Marketers Need To Keep Score

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Not all leads are created equal. Lets look at some of the concrete benefits lead scoring brings to marketing and sales teams.

Is Outbound Marketing Dead?

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To riff on the classic Mark Twain quote, reports of the death of outbound marketing have been greatly exaggerated.That’s right. Outbound marketing, which refers to messages sent out to an audience such as TV, cold-calling, email, direct mail and paid search, is alive and well.

The Power of a Marketing Management System

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That's why today's department leaders need to deploy a dedicated marketing management system and move away from the uncoordinated flurry of apps that define so many operations. Here are a few of the key advantages that such a system brings to the table.