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Are You Investing In Mobile Marketing?

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The power of mobile is readily apparent to any modern marketer. All it takes is one glance at the average workplace or social setting to see that people remain glued to their smartphones at every turn. It should therefore come as no surprise that organizations everywhere are ramping up their investments in mobile marketing.

The Marketing Strategies with the Biggest ROI

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Modern marketers often debate the most effective strategies of the digital world. With such a wide and evolving range of tactics to choose from, these conversations are simply part of the game.

5 Digital Marketing Essentials for Startups

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For small startups with big potential, marketing is often viewed as a requisite hurdle that must be overcome. After all, no matter how compelling or useful a new product or service may be, entrepreneurs must work tirelessly to ensure they get the message of their brand out to the public. But intelligent business leaders will see opportunity in this challenge, and as an article from Forbes contributor Martin Zwilling pointed out, "digital marketing is a great equalizer for startups."

Are You Equipped to Maximize Email Marketing Results?

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While plenty of new and exciting digital channels have made their way into the marketing mix in recent years, email campaigns aren't going anywhere. In fact, they are making a resurgence thanks to a range of tools and techniques that allow marketers to more accurately craft campaigns and track results.

Why Businesses Are Boosting Digital Marketing Budgets

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The discipline of marketing has transformed dramatically with the rise of the e-commerce and digital services. That's why, according to AdAge, more than 80 percent of brands are boosting their marketing budgets over the next 12 to 18 months by an average of 10 percent across industries. It's clear that times have changed, but how exactly are these organizations allocating these resources to advance their marketing strategies? Here's a look at three major areas of investment that are defining this new era of marketing strategy.

Simplifying Marketing Automation with Campaign Templates

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Launch automated marketing campaigns with ease and fill your funnels faster with Campaign Templates. Campaign templates, with campaign logic baked right in, step you through the entire process of creating an automated marketing campaign. Simply choose a template for your industry, and then select from scores of possible campaigns—the kinds you and your [...]

Marketing Automation Market is Taking Off on Global Scale

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Marketing plays an essential role in helping brands connect with customers and clients. Campaigns must deliver timely and focused content to audiences. In recent years, automation has taken hold of how businesses send such messages, whether through email, social media, mobile and other advertising channels.

Measuring Member Engagement is WORTHLESS…

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438,000 articles have been written about member engagement, but there is little conversation about what to do with all that information.

3 Essential Benefits of Marketing Automation for Publishers

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Make a New Year’s Resolution to Learn More About Marketing Automation You've heard the buzz about Marketing Automation and you know you should learn more. But you have concerns - is it too complicated? Do its benefits apply to publishers? Here are a few key thoughts to get you started: Most Publishing executives report that they “need” Marketing [...]

4 Ways Publishers Should Measure Welcome Campaigns

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Most publishers find that the best prospects for upsells are their new subscribers. The classic strategy many publishers employ is to send a series of “Welcome messages” to new subscribers in the hopes of triggering quick upsell conversions. But how effective are these types of campaigns, really? And perhaps more importantly, how do you know [...]