5 Tips for Making Your Emails More Mobile-Friendly


A Few Simple Adjustments Can Make a Big Difference The mobile revolution is putting a lot of pressure on marketers to shift how they deliver content to their constituents. As more people connect to the Internet via mobile devices rather than PCs, marketers must adjust their content for mobile in order to stay relevant. While redesigning your entire website for mobile is a significant undertaking, updating your emails for mobile can be achieved by making a few simple adjustments to your approach. Here are 5 tips for creating great mobile-friendly email content: […]

Now is the Time to Consider Responsive Design

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With more than 50% of U.S. mobile phone users now on Smartphones and more email accessed through mobile (44%) than desktop (33%) or webmail (23%), designing emails from a purely html, 600 pixel-wide format is like driving irresponsibly on cruise control. Without sacrificing traditional email viewing, Responsive Design allows you to optimize your emails for mobile devices by using simplified layouts and media queries within the code to render a mobile-friendly email. Responsive design can also limit what shows up on the mobile device so the most important information is not drowned out. So what to do? Get with your internal html coder or Real Magnet’s Graphics Team to get media queries […]

Real Magnet’s iPhone Tracking App Compatible with iOS 7

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Apple has just announced a launch date for iOS 7 for iPhones, and now you can use iOS 5, 6 or 7 to synch up with your Real Magnet email messages using our new iPhone tracking app. View a list of your most recent messages, scroll to view older messages in order of send date, [...]

Marketing to Mobile

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As the number of people accessing emails on mobile devices continues to increase, learning some of best practices for making your emails better suited for mobile viewing and response will help increase user engagement with your email communications. Watch this video for Real Magnet's tips on marketing to mobile.

Trends That Should Disrupt Your 2013 Email Program

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Originally published in MediaPost's Email Insider, 12-12-12 -- Now is the customary time to make predictions about the trends that will have the greatest impact on the email industry in the coming year. Only this year I’d like to focus not just on the trends, but also on how they should affect what we do [...]

5 Ways to Grow Your Email List Using Social and Mobile

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I've long been a proponent of what I call Email in the Marketing Mix (in this blog from 2009 I admit to being obsessed by the concept). Email is an extremely powerful channel, but is impact is amplified when it is integrated with other channels. This integration can take a number of different shapes, such [...]