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Save Your Sanity With Send Page Profiles

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We get it. Repetitively typing the same fields over and over again can be a mind numbing experience. To save time (and your sanity!) we’ve created Send Page Profiles. These profiles allow you to autofill almost everything on the send page and they’re still able to be edited if you need to make a change on the fly. Some Fields You Can AutoFill Ad Hoc List From Field Reply To Subject Line Send Type Fax Resolution Billing Code Web Version Link Message Library Email Notifications and Filter Out Groups! […]

Real Magnet’s iPhone Tracking App Compatible with iOS 7

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Apple has just announced a launch date for iOS 7 for iPhones, and now you can use iOS 5, 6 or 7 to synch up with your Real Magnet email messages using our new iPhone tracking app. View a list of your most recent messages, scroll to view older messages in order of send date, [...]

Hello Summer…Hello 3.0!

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Summer’s barely started, and for marketers July can often be the closest thing to “down time” they’ll ever see. In contrast, summer is often a time when projects heat up in the product development world as companies push to enhance, upgrade and launch products to support the year-end goals of their customers. Here at Real [...]

Social Publishing Added to New Real Magnet Editor

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After 9 months in incubation, Real Magnet recently released the next gen version of its Content Editor. For many clients, this will be a game changer. The new editor provides a completely different experience. Using drag-and-drop technology, users - not a designer - can create the structure and content blocks for their own messages. You [...]

Recent Additions To Social Magnet!

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Social Magnet has been adding new features and functionality at a rapid pace and we don't want you to miss out on any of the awesome new capabilities. New Capabilitites Twitter Search Infinite Scroll for Twitter (Timelines, Mentions, Retweets and Search) Custom Domains for Shortened URLS Scheduled Posts (from the Quick Post) Recurring Posts (from [...]

Twitter Search and (Easier) Scheduled Posts!

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Scheduled Posts (from the Quick Post) Scheduled posts can now be created directly from the Quick Post widget within Social Magnet.  Once you click on the calendar icon you'll be presented with a view that allows you to schedule the month, day and time of your social post. Scheduled Post Once a date [...]

Tweaks and Tips: Email Job Status

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We're always looking at ways to improve the user experience on the Real Magnet interface.  We've had feedback asking us for a quick view of the delivery status of a recently sent message.  Under the Track tab you'll see a new Job Status button in the grid. Job Status Button Our Job Status button will [...]

New Additions To The Template Library

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Have you taken a look at our library of free templates?  Real Magnet’s Template Library is comprised of more than 60 eye-catching, easy-to-use templates. All Template Library templates use Real Magnet’s Active Preview technology which allows you to create and edit content within discrete template zones. Our new addition is the blank category which we've added [...]

Message Categories

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Message Categories let you group together messages (both email and social) for tracking purposes.  For example, you may want reporting on all messages related to a specific product or event promotion.  Using this functionality, you'll create your own categories and choose which emails, Tweets, and Facebook posts to include in a category. Once deployed, you'll [...]

Social Magnet Central

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Welcome to Social Magnet Central - your comprehensive resource for information on Real Magnet's Social Magnet release. Below you will find tutorials addressing the various dimensions of Social Magnet. Social Magnet is a full integration of Facebook and Twitter (and soon, LinkedIn) with Real Magnet, allowing you to fully manage your social and email activity [...]