Raab Associates Evaluates Real Magnet Marketing Automation Solution


David Raab, a well-known consultant in the Marketing Automation industry, comments on his walkthrough of Real Magnet's platform...

Infographic: The Digital Marketing Landscape

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Measuring marketing campaign success has always been difficult - where did efforts go right or wrong? Which individuals saw advertisements and which ones actively participated in them? What were their overall thoughts? Luckily, the digital marketing realm offers more tangible numbers.

Why Site Speed is Critical (Infographic)


How does site speed play into SEO? Read why site speed is critical via our Infographic from SingleHop!

Why Businesses Are Boosting Digital Marketing Budgets

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The discipline of marketing has transformed dramatically with the rise of the e-commerce and digital services. That's why, according to AdAge, more than 80 percent of brands are boosting their marketing budgets over the next 12 to 18 months by an average of 10 percent across industries. It's clear that times have changed, but how exactly are these organizations allocating these resources to advance their marketing strategies? Here's a look at three major areas of investment that are defining this new era of marketing strategy.

WWDC highlights: What every marketer needs to know


The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference wrapped up this past Friday, and like most tech events of its kind, the innovators at Apple came with a host of exciting new developments that are sure to shake up the consumer and business markets. From the announcement of revamped desktop and iPhone operating systems to the new Apple Music streaming service, the tech giant impressed global viewers as they tuned in for yet another groundbreaking WWDC.

Capitalize on Google’s new Twitter integration


Brands competing in the digital age need to stay on their toes as they navigate the nuances of a Web-driven economy, and tracking the developments of search juggernaut Google is a top responsibility in this regard. Strategic leaders must view Google as an ally in their marketing and branding efforts, as the platform is a go-to resource for consumers and businesses in every corner of the globe. This means being on top of the changes and adjustments Google makes, especially in terms of how it organizes search results and what it prioritizes.