From Tacky to Top-Shelf: How GIFs Became the Most Engaging Image Choice

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While GIFs have been around for nearly two decades, they have recently made their way to the top of the social media arena as a fun and compelling way to share sentiments. Now, their value has expanded even further, with digital marketing strategists recognizing their potential in the context of online campaigns and email newsletters. It's important for decision-makers in these positions to understand the power of the well-placed GIF, recognize the best context for these animations, and figure out how to capitalize on their potential and popularity.

Turning On New Subscribers

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Whether you’ve just added a new customer, newsletter subscriber, or member, your first email has the potential to make or break the relationship. The first email a new subscriber should receive is a triggered message confirming the new subscription or transaction. The performance of triggered messages is vastly superior to business-as-usual emails because it is the one time when you know your audience is attentive and even anticipating a message from you. However, simply telling them in machine-speak that their subscription is confirmed not only squanders nearly perfect audience attention; it also loses you the chance to build on the momentum they’ve started by subscribing in the first place, which pays off in every subsequent message. So what to do?  Use your confirmation email to set the tone for the rest of your email program: be engaging, including links to your social sites and leaving them wanting more. Make it graphically appealing with calls to action and information about upcoming events and new products. […]

Socializing Newsletters

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Newsletters may not be as fashionable as mobile or social, but they remain a communications staple for many organizations in print, digital and email. While you can tweak the subject lines and headlines and provide the most relevant content, use responsive design for mobile, and post the newsletter on your blog, inevitably you’re missing a piece of your audience that follows you socially and prefers to get nuggets of insights rather than lengthy discussions. So what to do?  Tweet and post snippets of the most engaging content from the newsletter with a link back to the full newsletter. Create short videos to tweet and post introducing […]

Emailioration Monday, 7-23-12: Market Your Newsletter Like a Product

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As marketers, much of the work we do is around positioning, promoting and otherwise selling our key products. We see where they sit in the competitive landscape and make adjustments so that they possess some unique appeal. We identify appropriate channels of distribution - either for the products themselves or for the marketing messages that [...]

Emailioration Monday, 6-4-12: Use Narrower Content for Deeper Engagement

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Many emails are written to try and include something for everyone, with content aimed at multiple roles, functional responsibilities, levels of seniority or interests. I understand the logic: if subscription is open to everyone, we had better include something for every person who subscribed, so they don't find zero value aimed at them and then [...]

Emailioration Monday, 2-27-12: Telegraph Newsletter Content with the Subject Line

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It's not uncommon for newsletter subject lines to simply use a date or volume number, like: Association Monthly, February 2012 or Company Newsletter, 2-27-12 Subscribers who are engaged with your brand will open these newsletters based on the sender and subject line alone, but marginally engaged subscribers may need a little nudge. Give it to [...]

4 Ways to Improve Newsletter Open Rates

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Newsletters may not be fashionable as mobile or social, but they remain a communications staple, particularly as we all ramp up to speed on new channels and the tighter targeting opportunities they afford. In fact, I think newsletters are poised for a bit of a renaissance this year, so I continue to think about ways [...]

The Newsletter Renaissance


This week for MediaPost I wrote about The Newsletter Renaissance. The topic came up with I had a conversation with one of our clients earlier in the week, who told me how they had cut back on the number of newsletters they were sending to their clients. That set me to thinking, and I started [...]

Turning Your Newsletter into a Voice of Authority


The Newsletter is the workhouse of email formats among our clients. Most have at least one, some have a few, and quite a few have an entire portfolio of them. But saying that it's the most popular format would be like saying meat is the most popular type of food. Chicken nuggets are a world [...]

Which Emails Should Include a “Call-to-Inaction”?

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Golfer Sam Snead famously quipped, “every shot that doesn’t go into the hole is a miss.” It would be easy to think about email marketing the same way, and try to drive action with every single message we send. But like in golf, it just is not possible to seal the deal with each try. [...]