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6 Quick Design Updates to Increase Mobile Engagement

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71.6% of consumers will delete emails if they don’t look good on mobile, while an average of 10% will read it anyway. None of us want to be that marketer or designer that launches a painful mobile experience, but the task of coming up with a mobile email strategy and updating template designs can be daunting.

Your Newsletters Are Trash(ed) – Fix Them

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According to a Microsoft study the average attention span is a mere 8 seconds. That is surprisingly less than even the lowly goldfish (which beats us by a whole second)! Contrast that with the average newsletter I receive and I don’t even haven the attention span to get bored by the irrelevant articles before I’ll trash your earnest effort at outreach. If jerks like me are the recipients on your email marketing lists you have a problem – lets discuss how to fix it.

Turning Your Small Marketing Team into a Content Publishing Machine

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Producing high volumes of engaging and educational content is one of Marketing's most time-consuming responsibilities. Many organizations have small marketing teams who have to think creatively in order to produce enough content to meet their needs. Here are 3 quick tips to help your small marketing team do more with less.

How to Write Content Your Audience Needs (and Wants)

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In this post we'll explore a simple content strategy framework for mapping content to stages of the Buyer's Journey that will help you consistently develop content that your audience needs as they traverse the various stages of the prospect - customer - service provider relationship.

Best Practices for Lead Qualification

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What makes a lead a qualified lead? The answer is (of course), it depends. Every organization will have their own definition – which is a good thing – because every organization is different. The key is to define what a qualified lead means for your organization. Use our lead qualification checklist to identify the ideal sales leads for your organization.

Death To Silos & Other Marketing Nonsense

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Organizations of any size can build silos between departments, management & front line staff and even within teams that have a common goal. This is especially true within modern marketing teams, as marketers now sit at the intersection between IT, sales, and innovation/product management in many organizations.

Canadian Anti-Spam Law Update: Are You Compliant in 2017?

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Later this year, a major new provision to CASL comes into effect providing a “private right of action” for recipients who have received mail that violates CASL. Make sure you download our 7 Step Guide to stay in compliance in 2017.

5 Tips to Avoid Personalization Pitfalls

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With the massive volume of email that each of us receives growing at a seemingly exponential rate, marketers are challenged more than ever to try new tactics to catch the reader’s attention and drive engagement. By implementing personalization, marketers can deliver more unique, personal and eye-catching emails that stand out in their recipients' inboxes.

What’s the Score? 4 Things to Know About Member Scoring

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Whatever type of organization you work for, engagement scoring is an effective way to identify your most likely candidates for membership or sales. For associations, member scoring has become all the rage as they seek to target their most valuable members and identify those who are least engaged and vulnerable to non-renewal.

5 Ways to Put Your Email to the Test

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While there may not be a single all-encompassing answer to why a member opens one email but not another, association communicators can improve conversions with some proven A/B testing strategies.