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Are Email Marketers Outrunning The Bear?

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Originally published in MediaPost's Email Insider, 1-9-14. -- There is a joke I  frequently tell clients and use in presentations as an analogy for email marketing. Like everyone else I’ve told it to, you’ve probably heard it before. Please indulge me anyway: A woman met her friend at the trailhead for an all-day hike in [...]

Trends That Should Disrupt Your 2013 Email Program

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Originally published in MediaPost's Email Insider, 12-12-12 -- Now is the customary time to make predictions about the trends that will have the greatest impact on the email industry in the coming year. Only this year I’d like to focus not just on the trends, but also on how they should affect what we do [...]

The Rise Of 0-to-1 Email Communications

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Originally published in MediaPost's Email Insider, 11-15-12. -- My inbox is losing its voice. Or rather, most of the messages in there have lost theirs. It wasn’t long ago that almost every marketing email I received was copywritten expressly for the email channel, allowing me to hear the voices of all the brands I subscribed [...]

Facebook Timeline And Email’s Brand Narrative

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Originally published in MediaPost's Email Insider, 10-17-12. -- Facebook’s Timeline is remarkable for brands because it allows consumers to follow a brand’s narrative almost at a glance. Every piece of content a brand contributes to its Timeline constitutes a chapter, and seeing them all aggregated chronologically and graphically allows them to be read quickly as [...]

Are You an Email Weekend Warrior?

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Originally published in MediaPost's Email Insider, 9-19-12. After the annual August lull when most of the country seems to carve out at least one week to take a vacation, the soccer fields, 5K routes, hockey rinks, cyclocross courses and other competitive venues are once again filled with grown adults reliving their adolescent athletic dreams. OK, [...]

Does Social Content Make Good Email Copy?

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Originally published in MediaPost's Email Insider, 8-21-12. I’ve written before about how email and social media are similar, in that they are both permission-based channels (or earned media) that require a similar approach to content strategy. Engagement and empathy work better than interruption and incessancy. But are email and social media similar enough to share [...]

Achieving Your Optimal Email Frequency

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For my column in MediaPost this week, I drew inspiration from a webinar I co-presented last week on Email List Building. The marketer co-presenting revealed that for some of her company's subscriptions they were sending as much as 3 emails per day. Volume like that flies in the face of conventional best practices, but throughout [...]

37 Things You Know About Your Email Subscribers

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The article I wrote for MediaPost this week is all about ways to better target our email subscribers. Have a look at the list below and see if anything inspires you to create a message that will engage your audience in a new way. 37 Things You Know About Your Email Subscribers by Mike May [...]

Signal-to-Noise Ratio, And The Rise Of Channel-Specific Content

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For my article in MediaPost this week I picked up on a theme I spoke about at last week's SIPA conference - Signal-to-Noise ratio. We know that all our communications channels rely on strong content, so it's no wonder that when we create one we like to push it out through all of them. This [...]

Evaluating Email Through Return on Resources (ROR)

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I spend half of my time thinking about email, and the other half thinking about social media. I probably spend a quarter of the time thinking about mobile as well, 30% on blogging, 20% on webinars and a good tenth of the time on other types of content marketing. Butmost of the time I'm focused [...]