The Skinny on Email ROI


Email still has by far the highest ROI of any marketing channel. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email generates about $40 in sales for every $1 spent, over three times the ROI of social and twice that of search. Putting money into growing our permission-based email lists will pay off more quickly than paying to find new fans on Facebook or buying targeted keywords. So what to do? Email budgets typically include expenses for sending mail, but they ought to also include a healthy line item for permission-based list building initiatives. […]

Same Resources, Better Results: 5 Ways to Spur Your Email to More ROI


There is an abundance of articles all over Twitter, LinkedIn and the trade pubs' sites about how to improve your email program. Already today in fact you have probably seen something on big data, marketing automation, triggered messages, mobile first design and guides to rich segmentation strategies. All of these work, if you have the [...]

Take a long view of Email’s ROI (White Card)


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Email and Social ROI: Improved Results and More of Them with Conversion Tracking

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Over the last few days I have seen a number of articles cross the transom on the topic of conversions as a measure of ROI. Fast Company, for example, last week published one called "3 Steps to Measuring Your Company's Social Media ROI" where the author cited Sales Conversions, Value of Increased Traffic and Depth [...]

Evaluating Email Through Return on Resources (ROR)

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I spend half of my time thinking about email, and the other half thinking about social media. I probably spend a quarter of the time thinking about mobile as well, 30% on blogging, 20% on webinars and a good tenth of the time on other types of content marketing. Butmost of the time I'm focused [...]

Measuring Email’s Shifting ROI: From Performance Metrics to Quantitative Return

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MarketingSherpa released an interesting piece of research this week from its Email Marketing Benchmark Report. According to a survey of 2,735 CMOs across a range of industries, the leading factor in helping to identify and communicate the value of an email program is its quantitative financial ROI (65%). The second most popular response was post-click [...]