Segmenting and Targeting

Infographic: The Power of Audience Segmentation

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Marketers have been segmenting target markets since the beginning of the profession, but with access to modern channels such as social media and email, there are a number of new methods that maximize the impact of segmentation. Let’s look at a few ways in which today’s marketers can segment smarter, and target prospects more effectively.

Boost Email Inbox Engagement With These Tactics

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As the war for the email inbox rages on, marketers are growing more determined to outwit their competitors and optimize their initiatives for opens, clicks and conversions. This means that strategists are employing cutting-edge technologies and tactics with regularity and boldness, and those that stagnate in their efforts to innovate will likely fall out of the running.

6 Things Your Subscribers Expect You To Do Differently

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When we talk about "the evolution of email" part of what we're referring to is the technology and how we as marketers use it. Industry-side evolutions in the past year or two include the linking of email and social, marketing automation, triggered messages and data integration. But I believe most of email's evolution is centered [...]

Using Subscriber Metrics to Target by Engagement

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We know who our email subscribers are based on what they tell us: name, company, title, location and other information collected at signup or through ongoing interaction with them. But we know what email messages they will respond to based on their actions. Of the two, the more valuable information for targeting is the latter; [...]

The Email Week That Was, 1-18-13

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Here is a quick summary of some of the more important and/or interesting news stories on email marketing to cross the transom this week: We totally know what big data is. Just ask us. (via Marketing Charts) By now we have all heard of big data (which, curiously, many people have stopped capitalizing), and so [...]

7 Ways to Segment Your Email List

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A recent survey of digital marketers by Econsultancy shed some light on how important targeting and segmenting is this year. When asked which digital marketing opportunities were "most exciting" in 2013, 35% of marketers cited "Targeting and Personalization," the exact same number who identified "Social Media Engagement" as exciting. Only "Mobile Optimization" received scored higher, [...]

How to Win the Battle for Inbox Attention

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With email volume on the rise, social and mobile siphoning off subscribers' time, and an increase in popularity of inbox management applications that make it easier for people to deal with email by kicking much of it to the curb before it even arrives, it is pretty clear that the battle for inbox attention is [...]

Trends That Should Disrupt Your 2013 Email Program

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Originally published in MediaPost's Email Insider, 12-12-12 -- Now is the customary time to make predictions about the trends that will have the greatest impact on the email industry in the coming year. Only this year I’d like to focus not just on the trends, but also on how they should affect what we do [...]

How To Improve Open Rates Without A/B Testing

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There are two kinds of people in this world - those who A/B test their emails, and those who don't. The reasons why we don't always A/B test are very defensible; it requires extra time from already thin resources, the focus is on getting the some of the email out and not necessarily read, and [...]

5 Ways to Segment Conference Marketing Emails

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For many businesses and especially associations, conferences and events comprise a significant chunk of the annual budget. So marketing these conferences and events is mission-critical. Here is where you put all your email skills to work, where the extra time and resources invested translate directly and immediately into not just the revenue your association needs, [...]