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Emailioration Monday, 4-23-12: Be More Social

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As always, this week's Emailioration tip is something you can change today to improve your email results this week. But unlike previous tips, this change is not something you modify in your email program, and in fact takes place entirely outside of the inbox. To improve your email results, be more social. One of the [...]

Choosing a Content Strategy for Twitter

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Following is an excerpt from the new Real Magnet eBook The Social Starter Kit, available as a free download here. -- In some ways, Twitter is a lot like email. It is a channel that allows for broadcast messages, and many people follow other people and brands expressly for the messages intended for a mass [...]

Using Social Magnet’s Category Performance Metrics to Tailor Tweets

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You know what the hardest thing is about marketing? You're never done. Every single day there is always something else you could do to create some awareness of your brand, enhance your positioning, develop a new channel, or drive some deeper engagement. If you've ever heard your CEO say, "You know what - we've sold [...]

Building Social Media Critical Mass

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Critical Mass isn't a term we use in email marketing. It's true that the larger your list the more absolute response you can expect, but results scale linearly along with list size. Your open and click rates are the same whether you have 100, 1000 or 10,000 subscribers, assuming of course that they're all equally [...]

Social Magnet Analytics, Part 2: Answering Questions of Resource Allocation

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Last week I wrote about how the new analytics available through Social Magnet can lend some valuable insight into marketing results contributions. For the first time we can see exactly how many clicks from a campaign are attributable to email, and also how many are from Facebook and/or Twitter. This type of data is more [...]

Email + Social Integration: More Useful than a Holy Grail

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The big news over here at Real Magnet HQ is the launch of Social Magnet, an update to our application that has some innovative features integrating email and social media, and allows for unprecedented analytics and attribution. We're really excited to see our customers dig in and unearth some all new multichannel insights. For MediaPost [...]

Social Magnet Analytics, Part 1: Quantifying Campaign Contributions from Email and Social Channels

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What is the best way to promote the early deadline to your upcoming conference – sending an email or posting to Twitter and Facebook? Most companies’ response to this question is an immediate, “Why email, of course.” We know email works, through experience and analytics. The challenge with social media adoption has been the absence [...]

The ROI of Social Media for B-to-B

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I've been spending a lot of time here on the blog lately writing about social media, particularly with respect to B-to-B companies. We're about to launch our new Social Magnet product, designed to make it easier than ever to accelerate your social strategy, and easier to find the resources internally to support it. Today I'm [...]

Social Media Strategy Do’s and Don’ts for B-to-B Brands (Part 2)

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In Part 1 of this series I provided some advice on social media strategies B-to-B brands might consider adopting, designed to expand reach, deepen connections and generate leads. Those were the examples; this week come the warnings. For every good social media strategy for B-to-B, there are a dozen lousy ones. I'm going to help [...]

Social Media Strategy Do’s and Don’ts for B-to-B Brands (Part 1)

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Most of the topics I've covered on the blog over the past month or two have been on the intersection of Email + Social. The focus is understandable, given the new Email + Social tools we're about to launch. This 2-part series is only about the social part of Email + Social. Our new tools [...]