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Email + Social Integration: More Useful than a Holy Grail

The big news over here at Real Magnet HQ is the launch of Social Magnet, an update to our application that has some innovative features integrating email and social media, and allows for unprecedented analytics and attribution. We’re really excited to see our customers dig in and unearth some all new multichannel insights. For MediaPost […]

Social Magnet Analytics, Part 1: Quantifying Campaign Contributions from Email and Social Channels

What is the best way to promote the early deadline to your upcoming conference – sending an email or posting to Twitter and Facebook? Most companies’ response to this question is an immediate, “Why email, of course.” We know email works, through experience and analytics.

The challenge with social media adoption has been the absence of […]

The ROI of Social Media for B-to-B

I’ve been spending a lot of time here on the blog lately writing about social media, particularly with respect to B-to-B companies. We’re about to launch our new Social Magnet product, designed to make it easier than ever to accelerate your social strategy, and easier to find the resources internally to support it. Today I’m […]

Social Media Strategy Do’s and Don’ts for B-to-B Brands (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series I provided some advice on social media strategies B-to-B brands might consider adopting, designed to expand reach, deepen connections and generate leads. Those were the examples; this week come the warnings. For every good social media strategy for B-to-B, there are a dozen lousy ones. I’m going to help […]

Social Media Strategy Do’s and Don’ts for B-to-B Brands (Part 1)

Most of the topics I’ve covered on the blog over the past month or two have been on the intersection of Email + Social. The focus is understandable, given the new Email + Social tools we’re about to launch.

This 2-part series is only about the social part of Email + Social. Our new tools will […]

Mythbusting The Differences Between B-To-B Email And Social

My column for MediaPost this week is another look at the intersection of email and social, this time within the context of B-to-B, as that is where most of our clients operate. The opportunities for B-to-B companies in social media are not the same as for Starbucks or Red Bull. But the opportunities exist, and […]

Email + Social Hypotheses to Test

Here at Real Magnet, we’re only weeks away from launching our new Email + Social features. With this new tool comes the ability to monitor all your social feeds from within the Real Magnet application, compose, track and analyze tweets and Facebook status updates through Real Magnet, and attach social messages to email campaigns so […]

Social and Email: The Only Permission-Based Channels

I wrote previously about how social and email are tactically different. As marketers, we tend to zero in on the differences between the ambient environment, message length and frequency  and the conversational expectations of social, and conclude that social and email are highly differentiated and require an entirely separate communications approach. This makes social appear […]

Analytics Hold the Key to B-to-B Social Initiatives

I bet I can guess what you love about email. It’s inexpensive, scalable and does not require external resources or advanced training. It’s also immediate: you can decide you want to send an email at 9am, have it on its way by 9:30am and see a nice uptick in business even before your mid-morning coffee […]

How Twitter Can Make You Better at Email

Your email subscribers probably don’t want to know where you and Samantha from accounting went for lunch, or to see a picture of cake at the summer intern’s going away party. Inexplicably though, this sort of content finds an audience on Twitter. How can a channel as casual, fleeting and irreverent as Twitter have a […]