Real Video: Share With Your Network


Real Insights is excited to announce the start of a series of weekly video productions.  Currently our videos are hosted on Youtube, but in the future you'll be able to access them via itunes as well.   Catherine Curtin, Real Magnet's Director of Training, has created Magnetmail's first video,  which showcases MagnetMail's social media sharing and [...]

10 Tips for Launching Your Social Strategy (Part 2)

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Last week we outlined the first 5 of our 10 tips for launching your social media marketing strategy (read the full post here). Here are tips 6 - 10 for supercharging your email and social strategy: Create specific content for the people most likely to share. We talked about Power-Sharers in last week's post. Once you identify [...]

10 Tips for Launching Your Social Strategy – Part 1

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Not exploring how to leverage social networks for marketing?  You better get started.  Social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter already have proven their worth as independent marketing channels; not to mention their strong synergies with email marketing (ask us about Real Magnet's Share With Your Network capabilities). If you’re not on board yet, you’re not alone.  [...]

Is Facebook Eating your Email?


ReadWriteWeb reported today on a decline in email and IM usage, owing largely to the rise of social networks as a communications channel. The story was based on a study released today by the Online Publishers Association. You may not be seeing the impact on your own email files yet, but you might. Even if [...]

Email Creative and SWYN with Facebook

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Today we launched our Share With Your Network (SWYN) tool for MagnetMail. We eat our own dog food here, so the newsletter that went out today to Real Magnet subscribers was sent in a new SWYN template, allowing recipients to easily share the message with their friends on Facebook, their followers on Twitter, their contacts [...]