Use Social to Improve Email Inbox Placement

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Inbox placement is different from deliverability. Your delivery rate is the percentage of emails that make it through the ISP’s or email administrator’s gateway and are passed on to the subscriber, member or customer. But many of these messages never make it to the inbox because of local spam filters, rules which siphon off messages to different areas, and inbox management applications. Knowing that your messages are not hitting the inbox and therefore not read right away is an advantage you can use. So what to do? To encourage your contacts to keep your messages in the A-List and mark them for inbox placement, […]

Let No Pixel Go to Waste: How to Use the Whole Email


As email marketers, we could take a lesson from the Native Americans. They famously used every part of the buffalo they hunted, putting it to use in over 70 different ways so that no part of it would go to waste. It’s a lot easier to send an email than it is to bring down a 2,500 pound bovine with a hand-made bow and arrow, but the attention of your audience is no less scarce a resource. If you are going to track, chase and aim for that attention, make full use of it. To do that, consider every part of your message as an opportunity to make a connection, elicit a response, or deliver a brand impression: Pre-Header Text: This is the copy that sits above the HTML or header graphic in your email, and is the first thing your subscribers see. […]

Going Green with Recycled Emails


This post is being republished from the Real Insights Archive. A successful email program is a lot of work, but there are ways to reduce an email marketer's workload without compromising the effectiveness of email. Just as companies have "gone green" with other methods of recycling, they can also save some green in reduced man-hours by [...]

Email Metrics Along the Customer Life-cycle

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This post is being republished from the Real Insights Archive. What is the purpose of email marketing? To create awareness? Build interest? Generate purchase intent and drive transactions? Engender loyalty? Yes. No matter what stage in the customer lifecycle you are focused on, email marketing can help. What's more, there are email metrics you can [...]

Interview with Real Magnet Sr. Director of Deliverability, Part II

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Below is the conclusion of our interview with John Bollinger on deliverability issues currently impacting companies and individuals. Part I of the interview is also available on Real Insights. How important do you think data cleansing is to marketers? Is there any way to know if they have spam trap emails on their lists? It’s [...]

Changing Color Themes in Email Templates

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Whether you're working in a custom template or one of Real Magnet's template library templates, Real Magnet users with Color Themes enabled have unlimited color scheme options available. With a  few simple clicks you can apply any of Real Magnet's default Color Themes or create your own to match  your branding. Listen to Real Magnet Strategic [...]

Building Event Brand Equity with Event Marketing Emails

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This post is being republished from the Real Insights Archive. You already know your organization's events really well. If you're responsible for the email marketing designed to fill the room, you're probably more familiar with the venue, speaker line-up, agenda, room rates, registration deadlines and dietary restriction options than anyone else at your organization. These [...]

Marketing to Mobile

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As the number of people accessing emails on mobile devices continues to increase, learning some of best practices for making your emails better suited for mobile viewing and response will help increase user engagement with your email communications. Watch this video for Real Magnet's tips on marketing to mobile.

Which emails should include a “Call-to-Inaction”?

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This post is being republished from the Real Insights Archive. Golfer Sam Snead famously quipped, “every shot that doesn’t go into the hole is a miss.” It would be easy to think about email marketing the same way, and try to drive action with every single message we send. But as with golf, it just [...]

Personalization and Dynamic Content

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Making your emails more relevant with personalization and dynamic content blocks is easier than you think. Join Real Magnet’s Avi Adler as he takes an in-depth look at creating highly targeted emails to lists whose recipients have varying data and content requirements.