Email Tip of the Week: 3 Ways to Become an Email Improver


As marketers, we all have a choice to make - do we want to use the skills we have to get our jobs done, or do we want to continually learn and apply new skills to achieve our marketing objectives? Many of the marketers I talk two actually straddle both camps - they do want [...]

Email Tip of the Week: Create a Friday Email Skunkworks


Between copywriting, list management and segmentation, deliverability testing and analytics, many email marketers have their plates full just running their current email program. By the time Friday comes around we're wiped, and productivity can start to wane. Instead of spending the afternoon clicking "refresh" on your metrics page to see how many new clicks your [...]

Email Tip of the Week: Brand Your Presence in the Inbox


Your principal objective when you send an email is to drive action, and that action begins with your subscriber opening and reading the email. With open rates between 15% and 25% for most senders however, most of your subscribers never see the inside of your email. The effort isn't wasted if you optimize your presence [...]

Emailioration Monday, 8-6-12: Revisit Scheduled Sends

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It used to be that when you send an email would not have a huge impact on engagement metrics. Because messages linger in the inbox, many messages would continue driving opens and clicks hours and even days after their arrival, once recipients logged in and worked through their new mail. But over the past couple [...]

Emailioration Monday, 7-30-12: Use Email to Build Anticipation for Email

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The more your subscribers anticipate your email, the higher your open, click and conversion rates. You can build anticipation in many ways, including promoting upcoming newsletters through your social channels or on your website. But the inbox itself is also an excellent channel to promote upcoming emails, as demonstrated by The Clymb, a daily deals [...]

Emailioration Monday, 7-23-12: Market Your Newsletter Like a Product

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As marketers, much of the work we do is around positioning, promoting and otherwise selling our key products. We see where they sit in the competitive landscape and make adjustments so that they possess some unique appeal. We identify appropriate channels of distribution - either for the products themselves or for the marketing messages that [...]

Emailioriation Monday, 7-16-12: Find Your Fold

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You have seen email advice articles I'm sure that advise marketers to make sure that the most important content within a message is "above the fold." If the call to action or key content element is visible as soon as someone opens the email, the assumption is that the message has its best chance of [...]

Emailioration Monday, 7-9-12: Try Something You Don’t Expect to Work

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Best Practices, or doing what you and others in the email business have learned over the years works well, are the safest way to manage your email program. We used to say in the IT Industry, "Nobody got fired for buying IBM." Similarly in email, nobody is going to have some explaining to do in [...]

Emailioration Monday, 7-2-12: Invite Replies

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If you have 37 million subscribers and you're using email to broadcast the 2-hour sale that starts right now, you probably don't want to make it easy for your subscribers to bombard you with product and pricing questions. But chances are your list is smaller and you are using your emails to drive engagement as [...]

Emailioration Monday, 6-25-12: Create (and Distribute) a Monthly Email Report

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A monthly overview report of your email activity and metrics won't make your next message perform any better, but it does improve your program in a few other ways: 1. Compiling a reports are the best way to remind yourself to watch trends. Your open or click rate on your last newsletter is meaningless without [...]