How Marketing Automation can Help with Member Retention (October 27th, 2pm ET)


One of the toughest jobs that association marketers face is providing value to their existing members year over year. By automating renewals, and developing email strategies that provide more personalized outreach, marketers can use automation to boost their member retention efforts.

We’re Hiring! – Strategic Account Manager


Real Magnet, based in Bethesda MD, is a leading Email Services Provider (ESP) with integrated Social Media and Marketing Automation capabilities. The Company has over 1,000 clients across a range of industries including associations, publishing, hospitality and higher education. The Strategic Account Manager (SAM) is responsible for maximizing satisfaction and revenue potential for accounts. You will represent the entire [...]

Make the Most Impact on Mobile Email


Email is a vital part of any modern marketing campaign, but unless these messages are optimized for mobile delivery, a brand will surely fall short of its objectives as smartphones and tablets continue to take over.As Entrepreneur pointed out, mobile consumers are checking their email with increased interest and consistency, using their smartphones to open inboxes nearly as often as they make calls. Clearly, opportunities abound for mobile email success.

In-House Marketing Is En Vogue


The winds of change are strong in across the modern marketing landscape, and as organizations shift their strategies to stay aligned with digital advancement, they're also adjusting the dynamics between internal teams and external agencies. An article from the Harvard Business Review recently pointed to Society of Digital Agencies research revealing that more than a quarter (27 percent) of companies now work without an outside marketing team, a 14 percent leap from the year prior. In other words, brands are recognizing the value of a fully in-house marketing operation.

3 Tips for Stellar Digital Marketing Engagement


Research Reveals Trends in Digital Marketing Engagement

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In many ways, engagement is the most important marketing metric in the digital age, indicating a target audience's level of loyalty and interest in a brand through online communication channels. With such a rapidly diversifying set of tools and technologies to use, however, many marketing strategists are having trouble identifying the best possible equation for engagement. In other words, a wider range of digital possibilities creates more opportunities for success, but they can obscure best practices amid new complexities and challenges.

Reinvest Time Saved From Marketing Automation Into Other Tasks


Successful marketing campaigns require the right messages to be sent to the right audience at the right time. To do this, marketers need to analyze key performance metrics, which starts with generating that data in the first place. Because marketing automation solutions save time by helping organizations set up and launch campaigns, all while interpreting critical performance data more quickly, that time saved can (and should) be reinvested back into refining the strategy.

Evolution of Marketing Automation Integration


Redesigning for Mobile: What Email Marketers Need to Know

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Redesigning for Mobile: What Email Marketers Need to Know The staggering popularity of mobile devices means that providing a positive, no-friction experience to mobile viewers is no longer an option. It’s a requirement. Delivering such an experience can be challenging, however, given the dramatic differences in how an email might appear when opened on [...]

Marketing Automation CRM Integration No Longer Just An Option

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Marketing Automation CRM Integration No Longer Just An Option Until very recently, the discussion of marketing automation Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration was often near the end of the conversation between organization's looking to roll out Marketing Automation and Marketing Automation service providers. Today, such a topic is now at the start of the conversations, as [...]