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How Marketing Automation can Help with Member Retention (Pre-Recorded Webinar)

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One of the toughest jobs that association marketers face is providing value to their existing members year over year. By automating renewals, and developing email strategies that provide more personalized outreach, marketers can use automation to boost their member retention efforts.

Building Inbound Marketing Campaigns & Strategies (Pre-Recorded Webinar)

Webinar Recordings - Association Hub|

Are you interested in attracting new prospects or members? This recorded webinar discusses just exactly what Inbound Marketing entails and the tactics for successfully gaining inbound prospects and leads.

Maximizing Impact Across Email & Social Marketing (Pre-Recorded Webinar)

Webinar Recordings - Association Hub|

Is anyone paying attention? That thought can haunt even the best marketers. Finding ways to standout, be memorable, and critically, be actionable are essential for marketing success at any organization. Join Real Magnet’s Product Manager, Michael Al-Megdad, as he explains the trend of content convergence, email & social optimization, and what new tools are available to maximize marketing impact.