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The Changing Nature of Content: How it Affects Associations

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The Changing Nature of Content How it Affects Associations Technology is changing every aspect of how we communicate, including the structure and distribution of the content we consume. In this webinar, we explore how content is evolving, which tools are pushing this change, and how Associations can use these trends to their advantage. [...]

Webinar Replay: Maximizing Impact Across Email & Social Marketing

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Is anyone paying attention? That thought can haunt even the best marketers. Finding ways to standout, be memorable, and critically, be actionable are essential for marketing success at any organization. Watch the webinar to hear Real Magnet’s Product Manager, Michael Al-Megdad, explain the trend of content convergence, email & social optimization, and what new tools are available in Real Magnet to maximize [...]

Protect Your Sender Reputation: Tips & Trends to Avoid Deliverability Pitfalls (Recorded Webinar)

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Blacklist. The word strikes fear into the hearts of most email marketers. Ending up on one is a fate we all want to avoid, but do you really know how to steer clear? Do you know the difference between a blacklist and a blocklist? In this presentation, Real Magnet’s Senior Director of Deliverability, Brad [...]

Maximizing Impact Across Email & Social Marketing

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Trends in content creation and consumption Optimization for email & social content creation Content effectiveness measurements New social functionality coming to Real Magnet

Building Inbound Marketing Campaigns & Strategies (Recorded Webinar)

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Are you interested in attracting new prospects or members? This recorded webinar discusses just exactly what Inbound Marketing entails and the tactics for successfully gaining inbound prospects and leads.