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305, 2017

Infographic: Marketing Automation’s Prominent Role

May 3rd, 2017|Categories: Marketing Automation, Marketing Infographics|

Marketing automation is a key part of the modern business technology mix, and this is no fluke. These tools have won marketers over with the changes they make to workflows. For companies that have yet to adapt to marketing automation, now's the time for a refresher in just what makes the tools so helpful:

205, 2017

Marketing Automation for Associations (Thurs, May 18, 2PM)

May 2nd, 2017|Categories: Uncategorized|

Recruiting new members is important, but existing members are the lifeblood of your association. In this age of overflowing inboxes, it's even more challenging to stay in front of them. So how can you better understand your members and deliver more relevant content? Enter Marketing Automation.

2604, 2017

In a Rut? Try These Simple A/B Tests

April 26th, 2017|Categories: Marketing Strategy, On The Blog|

Every email marketer wants to make sure they're getting the most out of their efforts for every email they send. Stop guessing what your recipients want to see and find out with real results through A/B testing!

2504, 2017

Infographic: Webinar Marketing Makes Lasting Impressions

April 25th, 2017|Categories: Marketing Infographics|

Marketing departments have access to a near-bottomless bag of tricks today, including in-depth webinars in which they lay out the features and value of their products. Especially in the B2B world, these presentations are a critical source of connection between prospects and sellers. As with any tactic, however, there is a right and wrong way to host a webinar.

2104, 2017

The Great Debate: Balancing List Hygiene with Business Needs

April 21st, 2017|Categories: Deliverability, On The Blog|

There are two predominant schools of thought when it comes to list hygiene: purging or hoarding inactive contacts. The choice can have far-reaching impact on your sender reputation and your overall marketing success. In this post, Senior Director of Deliverability Brad Gurley provides a hybrid approach.

1804, 2017

Avoid Email Rendering Issues with our Updated Deliverability Testing Page

April 18th, 2017|Categories: On The Blog, Real Magnet Features|

We've redesigned our Deliverability Testing Page to match the styles of our Marketing Automation module, and redesigned Messages and Contacts grids. The new Deliverability Testing Page has all the same tools and functionality as before, simply re-arranged to improve overall experience and usability.

1204, 2017

Infographic: Email Subject Lines that Earn Clicks

April 12th, 2017|Categories: Marketing Infographics|

When you send a marketing email with a bad subject line, the interaction with the recipient ends right there - with your message in the digital trash. Following these tips can get your emails opened. Following these tips can get your emails opened.

1104, 2017

Creating Audience Personas in 4 Quick Steps

April 11th, 2017|Categories: Marketing Strategy, On The Blog|

The term “persona” is really just the latest term used to describe what has always been Marketing 101: Know your audience, and deliver interesting and relevant content to it. By understanding your audience’s roles and responsibilities, motivations and drivers, you can create more meaningful dialogue with them.

704, 2017

5 Tips for Designing a Better Newsletter

April 7th, 2017|Categories: Design Tips, On The Blog|

The ultimate goal of a newsletter is to keep your audience informed about the latest news and thought leadership developed by your organization. With attention spans dwindling, marketers need to pay close attention to their newsletter design and layout to keep their readers engaged throughout.

504, 2017

Upgrading from Email to Marketing Automation: How to Get Internal Buy-in

April 5th, 2017|Categories: Best Practices, On The Blog|

Upgrading from email services to marketing automation can be a nuanced sell; a carefully thought out and articulated plan, complete with benefits and potential pitfalls, can go a long way towards convincing decision makers to buy into your vision.