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Getting a Handle on Soft Bounces


The key to managing soft bounces is understanding what the recipient mail server may be trying to tell you when it bounces back your mail.

What color is your (Hot)mail?


E-mail deliverability folk are all abuzz this week about the roll-out of major changes to Hotmail that began Tuesday. It's hard to accurately predict what impact they'll have on senders, but we can make some early, educated guesses. The feature that's receiving the lion's share of attention is the one Hotmail has dubbed "Sweep". Sweep [...]

Legislative Update: Is the FTC Finished with E-mail?

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I sat in on an FTC legislative update webinar presented by The E-mail Experience Council Wednesday afternoon, and thought it might be useful to run down some of the high points for the Real Magnet blog. Lois Greisman of the FTC started the webinar by asserting that CAN SPAM "leveled the playing field" by providing [...]

Are your Emails the Ads, or the Content?


Something fascinating has happened in the advertising industry over the past few years. Many advertisers have stopped acting like companies trying to sell you stuff, and started acting more and more like publishers – creators of content and entertainment designed to appeal to their target audience. For example: - YouTube enables commercials to stretch from [...]

Free Email Check Up Webinar

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It's that time again. Time to review how your email marketing performed this year...and figure out how to do it better next year. Get a jump start on your year-end email review by attending our next webinar - Your 2009/2010 Email Check Up. Real Magnet’s Director of Training Catherine Curtin will take you through some MagnetMail features and [...]