Street Legal E-mail

Even if your mail is fully CAN SPAM compliant, that doesn’t necessarily mean to the ISPs or to recipients that your mail must not be spam.

Canada Passes The Ten Million Dollar Spam Law

Canada has just enacted the world's toughest anti-spam law. Do senders in the U.S. have to comply? No ... and yes.

The $10-Million Spam Law

Spamming to Canada is about to get a lot more expensive. The new Canadian anti-spam law would impose new requirements that stretch well beyond CAN SPAM.

Legislative Update: Is the FTC Finished with E-mail?

I sat in on an FTC legislative update webinar presented by The E-mail Experience Council Wednesday afternoon, and thought it might be useful to run down some of the high points for the Real Magnet blog.

Lois Greisman of the FTC started the webinar by asserting that CAN SPAM “leveled the playing field” by providing a […]