Are You Certifiable? (Part Two)


In the first part of this two-part series, we took a look at the major differences between the two biggest players in the e-mail certification space. In today's article, we check out an accreditation program that promises significant improvement in deliverability with a money-back guarantee, plus a pair of seal-of-approval programs. SuretyMail, a relative newcomer [...]

Are You Certifiable? (Part One)


It’s no secret that ISPs and large inbox providers rely heavily on accreditation and reputation scoring firms’ assessments of a sender’s practices when making filtering decisions. Accreditation providers are the conceptual inverse of a black list - the two most widely-used even refer to themselves as “white lists”. Today, there’s a range of certification and [...]

Comparing the Goodmail Offerings


With the release of their CertifiedDomain™ service, Goodmail now has two offerings for certifying senders and their e-mail. They have long had the CertifiedEmail™ service which will continue to exist. The purpose here is to compare the two services and look at why you might choose one service over the other to help improve deliverability.