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Shaking Our Fists at E-mail Gods


Delivering mail that customers want is as much of competitive advantage for an ISP as blocking the spam. Make sure your mail is the mail their customers want.

Are your Emails the Ads, or the Content?


Something fascinating has happened in the advertising industry over the past few years. Many advertisers have stopped acting like companies trying to sell you stuff, and started acting more and more like publishers – creators of content and entertainment designed to appeal to their target audience. For example: - YouTube enables commercials to stretch from [...]

Free Email Check Up Webinar

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It's that time again. Time to review how your email marketing performed this year...and figure out how to do it better next year. Get a jump start on your year-end email review by attending our next webinar - Your 2009/2010 Email Check Up. Real Magnet’s Director of Training Catherine Curtin will take you through some MagnetMail features and [...]