Half-True Predictions


A look at two big deliverability trends in 2010 that happened only half-way, and what to do about them in 2011.

What color is your (Hot)mail?


E-mail deliverability folk are all abuzz this week about the roll-out of major changes to Hotmail that began Tuesday. It's hard to accurately predict what impact they'll have on senders, but we can make some early, educated guesses. The feature that's receiving the lion's share of attention is the one Hotmail has dubbed "Sweep". Sweep [...]

The Untethering of Reputation


If you're a loyal reader of Steve and Laura Atkins at the Word to the Wise blog, you may have read Laura's recent posts about sender reputation.  The posts detail what reputation is, how it's used, and why senders need to manage it carefully. ISPs monitor the reputation of IP addresses from where an e-mail [...]

Comparing the Goodmail Offerings


With the release of their CertifiedDomain™ service, Goodmail now has two offerings for certifying senders and their e-mail. They have long had the CertifiedEmail™ service which will continue to exist. The purpose here is to compare the two services and look at why you might choose one service over the other to help improve deliverability.