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Real Magnet + Your Business

Having launched one of the first Email Service Providers in 2000, Real Magnet knows the struggles Startups face. Next to developing the best product possible, your biggest challenge is marketing and awareness. And that’s where we can help.

Today, Real Magnet provides Email and Marketing Automation services to more than 1000 organizations. We benefited early on from some great supporters and now we want to give back.

That’s why we’re introducing Real Magnet for Startups – a special program for Startups that includes mentorship, community, collaboration, and special prices.

All Startups are eligible to apply for the program.

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1.) Deeply Discounted Use of Real Magnet

Startups receive a 50% across the board price reduction and will have access to these fully integrated services. Apply now.

2.) Launch Automated Marketing Campaigns In Minutes

By providing a platform to create email, social, and marketing automation campaigns, Real Magnet helps customers reduce the time spent on marketing efforts. Instead of building campaigns from the ground up, marketers can customize their messaging with easy-to-use templates and distribute it over multiple channels.

Here are just a few of the ways customers can leverage the power of Real Magnet for technology companies:

App Installs (Welcome) – Immediately engage with individuals who’ve downloaded your mobile app! Leverage personalized email messages that are engaging and provide the path to convert free users to paying customers.

Inbound Marketing and New Member Acquisition – Marketers with little or no technical know-how can easily build SEO-optimized, fully branded landing pages for capturing prospects’ data. Add prospects to a multi-channel, fully automated nurturing campaign that uses lead scoring to identify the hottest leads.

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3.) Marketing Guidance and Consultations

Qualifying Startups have access to Real Magnet’s team of experts to help refine and guide its marketing strategy.  Our consultants can suggest the right Marketing Automation campaigns to choose from as well as provide best practices for all your in-bound and out-bound marketing efforts.

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4.) Free Training and Support

Qualifying Startups will have access to a wide range of free training and educational programs that will include marketing webinars, in-person sessions on best practices and tips and much more. In addition, our customer support is always free and based in Bethesda, MD!

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