Marketing Solutions for Financial Services

Create and Nurture Long Lasting Relationships

  • Identify your best prospects with Lead Scoring campaigns across all offerings
  • Cross-sell with ease with relevant and personalized email marketing campaigns
  • Auto-Enroll prospects into email nurturing campaigns from website visits
  • Measure campaign performance with our infographic style analytics
  • and much more!

Some of our financial services clients:

Powerful Automation for Impactful Marketing & Cross-Selling

Email Marketing has always been a critical tool for financial service marketing efforts. Real Magnet brings more than 15 years of email experience combined with the most intuitive and easy to use Marketing Automation platform. With Marketing Automation you’ll be able to identify your best prospects, nurture and build out long lasting relationships, automate manual and time consuming processes and become a more efficient and effective marketing machine.

Our Marketing Automation campaigns make it easy to set up automated campaigns in minutes. Individuals can be auto-enrolled in outbound efforts from their visits to select website pages, lead scores can be used to identify the best prospects for the business development team, and most importantly prospects get personalized and relevant content making them more likely to convert.

Why Real Magnet Marketing Automation?


Cross Selling

Take the guesswork out of cross-selling. Our campaigns can automatically enroll individuals into nurturing campaigns based upon their interests and interactions.


Advanced Prospect Scoring

See your best prospects for each of your offering in one simple dashboard based on their interest levels and demographics.


CRM / Data Integration

Seamless automated data transfer between Real Magnet and your CRM / Data Warehouse.