Real Magnet for Agencies

Digital Marketing to Grow Your Business

We get it. You’re busy. Sometimes too busy to be fully devoted to your own marketing program. That’s where we step in. Real Magnet offers a powerful cross-channel marketing platform that generates more qualified leads (for you and your customers), and creates new revenue streams for your agency.
Real Magnet offers:

  • Simplified Marketing Automation
  • Fully integrated social marketing
  • Hands-on, totally free training and support

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Over 1,000 Clients of All Sizes & Industries

Referrals and New Opportunities

Fully integrated Email and Social Campaigns

Offer your customers fully integrated email and social campaigns. Post an entire email message or discrete articles to Facebook, or Twitter accounts. Real Magnet provides a simple way to optimize your marketing campaigns across email and social media, as well as the analytics to measure success.

Marketing Automation Simplified

Automate the campaigns you manage for your customers. We’ve made Marketing Automation much easier by providing templates for the campaigns’ marketers use 95% of the time – drip and nurture, event promotion, welcome, etc. Simply select a campaign, answer a series of questions, and your campaign is up and running.

Committed to Your Success

Real Magnet distinguishes itself through high-quality support for its customers and partners. We take the time necessary to fully educate, train, and on-board your team. We offer flexible business and billing structures and have the administrative tools that makes it easy to manage multiple customers.