The Real Magnet – netFORUM integration is a powerful solution that enables associations to create more effective marketing campaigns, while providing automation that reduces your marketers’ reliance on IT to execute them.

Real Magnet’s simplified Marketing Automation platform has the potential to transform your marketing operations. By automating repetitive tasks, it will save you time and money. More importantly, it will become an engine for delivering content that is more targeted, relevant and engaging to members and prospects.

Over a decade ago, Real Magnet and Abila (then Avectra) became the first ESP and AMS to integrate. Today, over 75 Enterprise customers take advantage of this high-powered marketing integration.

Key Features

Powerful and Seamless Integration

  • The automatic transfer and updating of targeted lists from netFORUM to Real Magnet. Users can transfer the most updated list into Real Magnet on a scheduled basis (weekly on Tuesdays at 9:00 am; daily at 7:00 am, etc.), anytime on-demand, and/or automatically just before a message is sent.
  • Populating netFORUM member records with email and social engagement data captured by Real Magnet. Data that can be returned to netFORUM includes opens, clicks, unsubscribes, subscriptions, @mentions, retweets, likes, comments, and more! Use this valuable data to learn more about your members and create even more targeted and personalized messaging.
  • The effective management of unsubscribes and subscriptions. The integration offers a range of flexible options to ensure that subscribes and unsubscribes are fully synched between the two applications.

In addition to industry-leading Deliverability, Technical, Account Management, and Graphics support, we also dedicate a team of experienced Integration Specialists to lead your organization through the implementation process. From discovery, to provisioning, to testing, to training, these experts aim to give you and your organization an unparalleled implementation experience.

“The integration has been a huge time saver. The amount of time my team has saved just in terms of managing lists has been remarkable!”

Kathleen Riley, Director of Web Operations U.S. Travel Association