Real Magnet Marketing Automation integrates directly into (SFDC), providing a two-way exchange of marketing data (email, web and social interactions) that maximizes the effectiveness of both applications.

Current, Accurate Contact Information for Email Campaigns

Real Magnet pulls contact information from SFDC and populates it into email campaigns, ensuring that Lead Gen campaigns, New Customer Welcome campaigns, Event Promotion campaigns, Renewal campaigns and others all make use of the most current and accurate contact data.

Campaign Engagement Data Exported to Salesforce

When Real Magnet email campaigns are executed, the SFDC integration will bring the engagement data (opens, clicks, web page visits, landing page submissions, etc.) back into SFDC, adding invaluable data that marketers can use for refining their targeting and increasing the relevancy of your messages.

Feed and Prioritize leads for your Sales Team

Real Magnet’s Lead Scoring helps you see just how interested your contacts are in what you’re saying and selling. Users set the point values for engagement types (opens, clicks, web page visits, and landing page submissions) and point thresholds that trigger notifications that an action needs to be taken. Easily create sales reports in SFDC that ranks leads and contacts by their lead score!

Add Inbound Marketing Prospects as Leads or Contacts in Salesforce

Grow your database and SEO rankings with Real Magnet’s Inbound Marketing features.  It’s extraordinarily simple to create custom landing pages and forms that capture precisely the information appropriate for each prospect and each campaign. The data is routed directly into a SFDC Campaign and all of the records associated with the Campaign.