Redesigning for Mobile


2014 Mobile Email Opens

You read that correctly – MOST emails today are read on mobile devices, not computers.

The staggering popularity of mobile devices means that providing a positive, no-friction experience to mobile viewers is no longer an option. It’s a requirement.

Delivering such an experience can be challenging, however, given the dramatic differences in how an email might appear when opened on a computer vs. an Android phone vs. an iPhone.

Want to learn how to do this better? Real Magnet is pleased to offer you a handy guide:

Redesigning for Mobile – What Email Marketers Need to Know

The guide makes extensive use of screen shot examples to illustrate email rendering differences and to show you a series of design solutions. Download this primer for visual and explanatory overviews of the latest best practices in the two primary approaches to optimizing your messages for mobile: Mobile-Aware Design and Responsive Design.

A threshold has recently been crossed, and it’s a significant one for email marketers:

Download the Primer