Marketing Solutions for Healthcare

Successful healthcare marketing requires more than cookie cutter solutions. A leader in marketing automation, Real Magnet specializes in providing expert services customized to meet the unique demands of the healthcare industry, along with infographic-style reporting to measure campaign efficacy.

Real Magnet utilizes its proprietary marketing automation technology to help providers, hospitals and others connect with past and prospective patients. From assisting with message creation to ensuring patients receive the most relevant content based on their past behavior, we help providers build their brands while staying at the forefront of customers’ minds.

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Cross-Platform Convenience

By providing a platform to create email, social, and marketing automation campaigns, Real Magnet helps providers reduce the time spent on marketing efforts. Instead of building campaigns from the ground up, marketers can customize their messaging with easy-to-use templates and distribute it over multiple channels.

Here are just a few of the ways providers can leverage the power of marketing automation for healthcare:

Patient Newsletters. Developing long-term patient relationships requires constant outreach. With Real Magnet’s email marketing automation tools, you can easily create and send customized newsletters alerting patients to healthcare trends and developments while driving traffic to your website.

Event Promotion. Hosting webinars and  physical events allows physicians to establish themselves as experts in their fields while drawing new patients to their practices. With Real Magnet, medical providers can target event messaging to patients most likely to attend. We manage the full lifecycle of your event including promotion, registration and follow up – all from our platform!

Doctor-to-Doctor Networking. It’s no secret that patients rely on their family physicians to provide them with referrals to trusted specialists. At Real Magnet, we make it simple to create and send communication to local GPs, encouraging referrals to your practice.

Social Messaging. These days, almost every industry is promoting its products online, and healthcare is no exception. To help medical practices reach the maximum number of patients, Real Magnet’s platform offers seamless integration with variety social networking sites.

Appointment Reminders. To minimize time spent on administrative tasks, Real Magnet lets doctors set and forget rules for managing appointment confirmations and send reminder emails to cut down on no-shows.

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At Real Magnet, we are proud to be changing the way healthcare-focused organizations communicate with their patients as well as members and stakeholders. Call today or contact us online to learn more about how automation can revolutionize your medical marketing efforts.

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