Marketing Solutions for Higher Education

Real Magnet for Higher Education supports and improves your marketing capabilities by combining the power of email, social and marketing automation with functionality designed to meet the unique needs of colleges, universities, and secondary schools.

In contrast to most systems, Real Magnet for Higher Education is designed to ensure success for absolute novices from the moment of their very first login.

And with Real Magnet, even Marketing Automation is easy to implement and use. In our Marketing Automation module we’ve taken the common campaigns used by higher education institutions and made it easier to build them. Rather than asking users to build each campaign from scratch, features such as our campaign templates make it easy for users of all skill levels to create powerful campaigns by responding to simple, natural-language prompts.

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Cross-Platform Convenience

By providing a platform to create email, social, and marketing automation campaigns, Real Magnet helps providers reduce the time spent on marketing efforts. Instead of building campaigns from the ground up, marketers can customize their messaging with easy-to-use templates and distribute it over multiple channels.

Here are just a few of the ways providers can leverage the power of Real Magnet for higher education:

Alumni / Student Newsletters. Developing long-term relationships requires constant outreach. With Real Magnet’s email marketing automation tools, you can easily create and send customized newsletters alerting students and alumni to on-campus events and new developments going on at your institution.

Social Messaging. These days, almost everyone is using Facebook or Twitter to connect with friends, celebrities and institutions. Real Magnet makes social outreach and engagement easy with simple tools to publish content and a dashboard for monitoring engagement. We make it simple to keep students updated and your alumni engaged.

Event PromotionWith Real Magnet, higher education institutions can target event messaging to alumnae most likely to attend. We manage the full lifecycle of your event including promotion, registration and follow up – all from our platform!

Fundraising and Donor ManagementWith Real Magnet you’ll be able to uncover your top donors and increase the effectiveness of fundraising campaigns. Targeted messages can be crafted based upon past donations, their major in college, sports team and much more!

You’ll find campaigns such as these a pleasure to create and you will enjoy their “set it and forget it” reliability.

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At Real Magnet, we are proud to be changing the way colleges and universities communicate with their students as well as alumni and the public. Call today or contact us online to learn more about how automation can revolutionize your higher education marketing efforts.

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