Marketing Solutions for Legal Services

Real Magnet’s Marketing Automation has the potential to transform the marketing operations of legal services companies. It saves time and money by automating repetitive tasks and has powerful segmentation capabilities for organizing and targeting subscribers and prospects based on engagement, demographic, and other data.

In contrast to most systems, Real Magnet for Legal Services is designed to ensure success for absolute novices from the moment of their very first login.

And with Real Magnet, even Marketing Automation is easy to implement and use. In our Marketing Automation module we’ve taken the common campaigns used by the legal services industry and made it easier to build them. Rather than asking users to build each campaign from scratch, features such as our campaign templates make it easy for users of all skill levels to create powerful campaigns by responding to simple, natural-language prompts.

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Cross-Platform Convenience

By providing a platform to create email, social, and marketing automation campaigns, Real Magnet helps providers reduce the time spent on marketing efforts. Instead of building campaigns from the ground up, marketers can customize their messaging with easy-to-use templates and distribute it over multiple channels.

Here are just a few of the ways providers can leverage the power of Real Magnet for legal services:

CLE and Webinar Programs: Our platform does it all when it comes to webinar and physical events. Promote the program(s) via email, use our landing pages or event tool to process registrations, and send follow up via our marketing automation campaigns. You’ll find it easy to promote learning, enhance skills, and inspire high standards of practice by using Real Magnet for Continuing Legal Education / Webinar campaigns.

Legal Compendium: Provide quick takes on court decisions, breaking legal news, firm updates and more – Automatically!

Inbound Marketing and New Customer Acquisition – Marketers with little or no technical know-how can easily build SEO-optimized, fully branded landing pages for capturing prospects’ data. Add prospects to a multi-channel, fully automated nurturing campaign that uses lead scoring to identify the hottest leads and trigger notifications to your sales team.

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At Real Magnet, we are proud to be changing the way law firms, state bars and legal-focused organizations communicate with their clients as well as their members and stakeholders. Call today or contact us online to learn more about how automation can revolutionize your legal marketing efforts.

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