Real Magnet for Publishers

Simple and Powerful Marketing Automation

Sell More Stuff!

Real Magnet’s Marketing Automation is helping publishers sell more products and services. Not only does it automate many critical manual processes, it also gives you the data to better understand your customers and deliver more targeted content.

Some of our Clients:

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Upgrade Your Marketing Toolkit

Real Magnet’s suite of marketing tools can help you attract more interest, generate more prospects, and ultimately, convert prospects into paying subscribers. Real Magnet integrates Email, Social, Landing Pages Automation & more to give you a comprehensive marketing solution for your publications.

Get your content and company the attention it deserves with Real Magnet Marketing Automation!

Why Real Magnet Marketing Automation?


Experts In All Things Email

We’re the only Marketing Automation company that began as an Email Service Provider. We’ve been helping customers create compelling content, track and analyze their campaigns, and navigate the deliverability landscape for more than 15 years.


Deep Experience with Publishers

Publishers represent a substantial portion of our customer base. Kiplinger’s, MIT Business Review, United Communications Group (UCG), and Time Out Chicago are just a few of the publishers leveraging our services.


Flexible options for Integrations

Connect Real Magnet with just about any app or database system. We have off-the-shelf CRM integrations and a comprehensive API that let’s you integrate Real Magnet’s functionality into your own suite of products and/or applications.