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Real Magnet is changing the way software and technology companies market to their customers and prospects. By providing one powerful, integrated solution for creating email, social, and marketing automation campaigns, tech companies are saving time, money and the headaches of cross platform coordination.

More importantly, it becomes an engine for delivering content that is more targeted, relevant and engaging to customers and prospects. This content fuels automated, easy-to-create campaigns for lead generation, nurturing prospects through free trials, triggers based on actions or in-actions, event promotions, and much more.

Real Magnet is expert in the tech space. Based just outside of Washington, DC, it has been serving the software and technology markets for more than 15 years.

Real Magnet’s platform also features comprehensive integrations with the leading CRMs and a robust API.

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Launch Automated Marketing Campaigns In Minutes!

By providing a platform to create email, social, and marketing automation campaigns, Real Magnet helps providers reduce the time spent on marketing efforts. Instead of building campaigns from the ground up, marketers can customize their messaging with easy-to-use templates and distribute it over multiple channels.

Here are just a few of the ways providers can leverage the power of Real Magnet for technology companies:

App Installs (Welcome) – Immediately engage with individuals who’ve downloaded your mobile app! Leverage personalized email messages that are engaging and provide the path to convert free users to paying customers.

Inbound Marketing and New Member Acquisition – Marketers with little or no technical know-how can easily build SEO-optimized, fully branded landing pages for capturing prospects’ data. Add prospects to a multi-channel, fully automated nurturing campaign that uses lead scoring to identify the hottest leads and trigger notifications to your sales team.

Real Magnet for Startups

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At Real Magnet, we are proud to be changing the way technology companies communicate with their customers as well as the public and stakeholders. Call today or contact us online to learn more about how automation can revolutionize your marketing efforts.

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