With so many email-marketing solutions out there, how are you supposed to choose the right one? Do you compare features and functions, or focus on price? What about support and integration? And reporting and analytics? Although Real Magnet easily goes head to head with any email marketing service out there, we excel in one area where others fall short: usability.

An intuitive interface allows you to get up and running quickly. Easy to use, flexible tools make message creation and list management a snap. Dozens of standardized reports bubble up key metrics, and custom reporting allows for advanced analytics.  It’s no wonder that thousands of organizations are using Real Magnet to achieve their marketing goals.

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Email Marketing Newsletter

Advanced Content Editor.

Designing beautiful messages has never been easier.

Email Marketing Content Editor

Drag and drop content blocks from the left side navigation to create your own highly customized emails

You’ve never worked with a content editor quite like this before. Because we know how much time you spend in email—manipulating templates, writing messages, and adding dynamic content and tracking and social links—we worked extra hard to develop an editor that’s truly different and truly easy to use. Want to tweak the code? Have at it. Need to edit images? You can do so right inside the application. Want to move this section here, and that section there? Just drag and drop until you arrive at the look you want. It’s unprecedented, next-gen flexibility that lets you get the job done faster, and with less headache and hassle.

First-Rate Deliverability.

More inbox begets more opportunities.

If messages aren’t making it to the inbox, it doesn’t matter how pretty or persuasive they are. You won’t have that problem as a Real Magnet customer. Instead, you get the benefits of our 15 years of experience as an Email Service Provider and deliverability expertise.  Every feature in our platform was developed with deliverability in mind!

Our experts work closely with customers, ISPs, technology partners, and email administrators to make sure you’re consistently achieving the highest possible delivery rates.  Additionally, we provide built-in tools to root out deliverability and usability issues before you hit send, so more of your messages make it through to your prospects and customers.  At Real Magnet, deliverability isn’t an afterthought:  it’s Job One!

Read our Deliverability Team’s primer on what organizations need to do to comply with Canada’s Anti-Spam law.

Email Marketing Deliverability

Optimized for Mobile.

Reach your audience anytime, anywhere.

More than half of the world’s opens take place on a mobile device – underscoring the point that mobile optimization is no longer optional. And that’s why Real Magnet makes it easy to design and deliver delightful mobile experiences. Select one of our responsive design templates to render your content perfectly whether on a PC, tablet, or mobile device. Combine that magic with display previews for scores of popular mobile devices, and you’re on the fast track to mobile success. Special mobile tracking tools and metrics also give you the insight you need to continually improve the mobile experience.

Learn more about how to optimize your emails for mobile devices.

Cross-Channel Analytics.

Get the real intelligence that lies beyond the data.

Real Magnet provides an unparalleled view of performance across all your digital marketing channels. Over 60 standard reports are available with a click and  “recipient level” reports let you view your email program from the individual subscriber perspective. These reports are structured to provide actionable insight – quickly highlighting top performing messages, disengaged/engaged recipients and much more.

Additionally, Real Magnet’s integration with Google Analytics lets you track conversions alongside your other email and social engagement metrics and ties every conversion back to the message that generated it – be it email or social.

Email Marketing Reporting

Social Integration.

Amplify your voice; supercharge your marketing.

How well aligned are your email and social marketing programs? Is your email doing all it can to create more social followers? Are you able to target content based on your recipients’ email and social behavior?  Do you know what channels are driving the most, or a certain type of traffic?

Real Magnet answers these questions and more.  Its built to be the nexus of your email and social marketing efforts. From a Dashboard, you can post content to your social accounts, monitor what people are tweeting and posting about you, and measure the engagement of your fans and followers.  And because your social is integrated into your email platform, you get unparalleled reporting that details the effectiveness of the different channels.

Integrations and API

Sync campaign data with your CRM effortlessly.

Integration Partners

Connect Real Magnet to your CRM or AMS and amplify marketing intelligence.

Real Magnet integrates with some of the leading CRM and AMS systems.  These integrations can super-charge your email program by eliminating the need for importing/exporting lists (this is done seamlessly, behind-the-scenes) and by returning rich email tracking to your primary database where it can be leveraged for targeting.

The result is a simple, efficient process that reduces errors and adds critical tracking data for your customer records – giving you a comprehensive view of marketing activity for each individual recipient.

The Real Magnet API

The Real Magnet Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), provide a fast, easy way to connect 3rd party applications to our platform.

Real Magnet supplies access to our SOAP or REST based, web-service API to accredited development partners. You can integrate the functionality of Real Magnet into your own applications using any programming langauge such as ColdFusion, Java technologies, and Microsoft’s .NET framework.