Marketing Automation refers to software that allows your organization to effectively market on multiple channels (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks. Real Magnet’s marketing automation software makes it easy for you to generate, manage and measure the impact of personalized, engaging content throughout the customer lifecycle—from prospect to repeat customer to referral. Say goodbye to repetitive tasks, wasted money and uber-complex solutions—and hello to better customer experiences, a healthier ROI and a bigger bottom line.

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Campaign Templates.

Launch your next marketing campaign in 10 minutes.

Launch automated marketing campaigns with ease and fill your funnels faster with Campaign Templates. Campaign templates, with campaign logic baked right in, step you through the entire process of creating an automated marketing campaign. Simply choose a template for your industry, and then select from scores of possible campaigns—the kinds you and your fellow marketers use often, such as welcome campaigns, lead-generation campaigns, webinar campaigns and event promotions.

Marketing Automation Campaign Types
Marketing Automation Workflow Builder

Workflow Builder.

Create customized campaigns from templates or scratch.

You’ll find complex campaigns as easy to launch and manage as simple campaigns with our flexible Workflow Builder. Use the Workflow Builder to create highly customized, automated marketing campaigns from scratch. Or, get a head start on a custom-built campaign by moving any pre-existing Campaign Template into the Workflow Builder, where you can modify and add triggers, actions, rules, conditions, segments, and more, to your heart’s content.

Email Marketing.

Nurture, connect, and drive readers to take the next step.

Email – maybe the most critical component of marketing automation– is at the heart of what Real Magnet does. An intuitive interface allows you to get up and running quickly. Easy to use, flexible tools make message creation and list management a snap. Scores of reports bubble up key metrics and advanced analytics. And it’s all backed by top-shelf deliverability and support.

Today, more than 1200 associations, publishers, hotel, hospitality companies, and colleges and universities use its platform to as their primary messaging tool.

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Reporting and Analytics

Watch your revenue grow, and your ROI fly.

Data’s one thing; insight’s another. Get both with Real Magnet’s marketing automation platform. An infographic approach to reporting allows you to quickly parse and find the most important metrics on engagement, conversion and overall campaign progress.

Not only do these reports provide a comprehensive overview of your campaign’s status, they also offer insights for fine tuning your campaigns for maximum engagement, conversions and impact. These reports are also easily sharable with colleagues – provide campaign status updates, comparison performance reports and much more.

Landing Pages.

Inbound Marketing Made Easy.

Branded landing pages are central to your inbound marketing and lead generation efforts. And with Real Magnet, they can be created in a matter of minutes. You start by selecting a template from a template library or by creating your own template. Then, customize as little or as much as you want. Add text, images, links, data-capture fields, and social-sharing buttons simply by dragging those objects from a navigation bar onto the Landing Page Builder canvas.

Next, tell the system to funnel all those email addresses you capture through your landing page to other ongoing or upcoming campaigns. Ahhhh. The beauty of marketing automation!

  • Create and deploy SEO optimized pages without knowing HTML or involving IT
  • Select from a variety of free templates or build your own!
  • Capture leads and seamlessly send them to your CRM of choice
  • Let us host the page or integrate it directly on your website
  • Dynamically pre-populate fields for ease of submission
  • Responsive pages ensure the best user experience no matter the device
  • Lead score data can be collected on visitor’s landing page interactions
  • Real time data collection on conversions, submissions and more

Lead Scoring.

Pinpoint sales and upsell opportunities.

Lead Scoring is an integral part of Marketing Automation. By scoring recipients’ interactions with your messaging, you can segment them automatically based on actions, inactions, and levels of engagement.   Next, these recipients can be added to on-going campaigns based on their score and/or engagement level.  Use the data to build a ranked pipeline report of prospects for your sales team and pinpoint upsell opportunities.

  • Scoring is fully customizable based upon the factors that are important to your organization
  • Score actions like opens, clicks, survey-event and landing page submissions, web page visits, and more.
  • Create “thresholds” whereby an action is triggered when a recipient achieves a certain score (e.g. add to nurturing campaign when score = 15, trigger email to sales rep. when score = 25)
  • Scoring can be integrated with the native scoring in your CRM

Inbound Marketing.

Attract and convert prospects.

Real Magnet’s Inbound Marketing tools can help you attract more visitors, generate more prospects, and ultimately, convert prospects into paying customers. Get your content and company the attention it deserves.

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CRM Integration

Sync and merge data effortlessly.

Real Magnet integrates with many of the leading CRM and AMS systems. These integrations can super-charge your marketing efforts by providing a reliable, 24-7 pipeline for synching data between Real Magnet and your CRM. The result is a simple, efficient process for transferring targeted lists into Real Magnet and returning valuable email, social, and lead scoring data to your primary database.