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Technology has simplified many complex marketing tasks allowing us to do more with less.  At the same time, if you don’t have the right strategy in place, or don’t have the internal staff dedicated to these efforts, you may not be able to fully maximize your opportunities and investment.

Via Real Magnet staff and certified partners, Real Magnet offers a wide range of digital marketing services to help you optimize your marketing, communications and conversions efforts.

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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning & Consulting

Our team takes a deep dive to evaluate your organization’s market position and its marketing plan. We use both quantitative and qualitative data to create winning strategies that advance your brand, strengthen your marketing approach, generate new leads, grow relationships with current customers and members, create efficiencies and deliver the revenue and relevancy.

Campaign Design & Optimization

Meet the hub of your Real Magnet social marketing program: the Social Dashboard. From your dashboard, view social interactions, comments, shares, and retweets. Engage with friends, followers, and influencers. See your best-performing posts and greatest fans by setting up a point system that assigns points to various social actions. It’s a birds-eye view of the complete social landscape.

Designing Campaigns
Campaign Management

Campaign Management

And if you need more support, or simply don’t have the bandwidth, you can outsource the entire management of your campaigns to us. Everything from design, to content creation, to deployment, to tracking and analysis is managed by Real Magnet’s professional staff or certified partners

Content Marketing & Syndication

We help clients identify, engage and build deep relationships with their audiences using content marketing. Services include strategy development, content creation and optimization, deployment setup and configuration, and messaging.

Content Marketing
Social Engagement and Monitoring

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an important component of a successful digital marketing strategy. Our Social media consultants can execute programs that grow your follower base, increase and brand awareness, and optimize social channels to drive website traffic.

SEO & Paid Search

We offer a strategic approach to Search Engine Optimization that includes website auditing, On-Page SEO, link development and link building, SEO content writing and code optimization. Our search solutions provide quantifiable, measurable and dependable results.

Social Engagement and Monitoring
Social Engagement and Monitoring

Benchmarking & Reporting

How do you know if your marketing approach is moving the needle? Data has become critical to organizations, particularly to better understand interaction and behavioral data. Our team will help you create measures for baseline performance, establish Key Performance Indicators, and develop reports and dashboards that provide actionable insight into your marketing activities.

CRM/AMS Integrations & Sales Enablement

To tap the full potential of Marketing Automation, access to the data in your CRM or AMS system is critical.  Real Magnet integrates with leading CRM and AMS platforms, including, MS Dynamics, Abila, Personify, iMIS, YourMembership, and many more. Our staff and partner experts help you configure the integration, implement workflows that enables sales, marketing, and support, develop reports and dashboards around key metrics, and successfully roll-out marketing automation to your organization.  

CRM and AMS Integrations