Social Marketing

Pioneering the Integration of Email & Social.

Social is no longer just 140 characters with a hashtag and a link. To stand out from the crowd you need high impact content that includes an actionable image and a preview of the destination page … this content style is known as cards.

Across almost every digital platform cards are becoming the preferred method of consuming content. These cards contain a snippet of content including an actionable visual and a preview of the destination URL. These cards are omnipresent and can be seen on Twitter, Facebook, Google Now, Pinterest and many other sites.

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Effortless content across channels.

With Real Magnet you can create cards featuring:

Email to Social Integration.

Automatically publish email messages to social channels.

Our social platform is part of the same Real Magnet application used to create email messages, allowing for fully integrated digital communications management, tracking and analysis.

This has allowed us to streamline content creation across channels. Post an entire email message or discrete articles to your Facebook, or Twitter accounts. Only Real Magnet provides a simple way to create an entire marketing campaign across email and social media by simply creating an email message.

You can also create social posts only.  Social posts can be published to all integrated Linkedin pages, Facebook accounts, and  Twitter handles at once or individually to each channel – it’s up to you!

Empower Email Recipients to Be Part of Your Marketing Team.

Email recipients can share email content to iMessage & social channels.

The best way to reach a broader audience is by empowering your email recipients to share your email content. With Real Magnet your email recipients become an extension of your marketing team. By sending emails to them from our platform your email recipient can share optimized, actionable content across Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and even iMessage! View the accompanying video for a quick demonstration!

Share across channels including iMessage

Social Engagement and Monitoring.

See and interact in all social channels, in one place.

Meet the hub of your Real Magnet social marketing program: the Social Dashboard. From your dashboard, view social interactions, comments, shares, and retweets. Engage with friends, followers, and influencers. See your best-performing posts and greatest fans by setting up a point system that assigns points to various social actions. It’s a birds-eye view of the complete social landscape.

Social Engagement and Monitoring
Email and Social Reporting and Analytics

Email + Social Reporting and Analytics.

Track and compare campaigns across email and social.

Have you ever wondered how a single campaign spanning email and social performs? Wonder no more. With Real Magnet’s cross-channel comparative analytics, get a handle on how each campaign channel performs, with breakdowns showing ROI and more. Even better, track campaigns by medium to see if, for example, Twitter is better than email for webinar promotions, or if Facebook is the best place to share blog posts.

You’ll also gain social analytics not available through Facebook and Twitter, such as engagement metrics, a schedule of deployed posts and tweets in a calendar format, data on mobile usage and geolocation.

CRM & AMS Integration.

Pinpoint your most vocal customers by their social data.

With one of Real Magnet’s CRM/AMS Integrations, social engagement data is automatically transferred to individual records. Now you can view all your customer data seamlessly and effortlessly in one location. Records will not only include email data like opens, clicks, etc. but also social engagement data and social IDs. Updating your AMS/CRM with social engagement data allows you to pinpoint those member that are most in-tune with your organization and are helping to spread your message.